THE BEST OF THE THREE STOOGES: COLUMBIA PICTURES SHORTS 1934-1945 — These two volumes feature 87 hilarious short films from 1934 to 1945. Witness the rise of these comedy icons in this high-spirited collection containing the first of the iconic Columbia Pictures Shorts. Watch as the Stooges hit their stride and began to settle into their definitive roles, Moe as boss, Larry the middleman, and Curly as their foil — and experience what has become regarded as the high point in the Three Stooges career – the Golden Age! (8 Discs; 1496 mins)
THE BEST OF THE THREE STOOGES: SHORTS, CARTOONS, & FEATURE FILMS — From feature-length films to rare cartoons and vintage shorts – this collection is sure to leave a smile on your face and a bump on the back of your noggin! It includes Shemp Howard Comedy Shorts (14 classics from the ’30s & ’40s); Joe Besser Comedy Shorts (10 side-splitters from the ’40s & ’50s), Joe DeRita Comedy Shorts (4 smackers from the ’40s), Feature Films (The Three Stooges (2000, biopic); Have Rocket, Will Travel; The Outlaws Is Coming and Rockin’ in the Rockies; The Three Stooges Cartoons, including Bon Bon Parade (1935), Merry Mutineers (1936), A Hollywood Detour (1942), as well as the bonus 9-part documentary series “Hey Moe! Hey Dad!,” which takes fans behind the scenes with the family of The Three Stooges as they share never-before-seen footage and photos. (5 discs; 1309 mins)

What We Thought:

This The Best of The Three Stooges is so impressive you’ll find something new in it for years to come. I grew up watching reruns of the television show and one of the local Boston channels always did a marathon for New Year’s Eve for years but even with all that I watched growing up, that is maybe a tenth of this collection. Seriously, it’s HUGE.

If you are a Three Stooges fan, this is for you. I mean a fan because again, this is a monster box set. Volumes 1 & 2 include 87 shorts, what you think of when you think of The Three Stooges. Moe, Curly, Larry, hijinks and shenanigans. Pies in face. Hammers on heads. Eyes being poked. The Three Stooges.

Volume 3 contains the films, cartoons and rare shorts. I had watched the cartoons a while back and also watched the fantastic documentary which is included in this as well. This is for the die-hard fans, people who like Shemp and others who the average person doesn’t consider a Stooge. Yes Shemp was an original Stooge and came back after Curly’s stroke, but come on, Moe, Curly and Larry are the Three Stooges to most people. Fake Shemp (Joe Palma), Curly Joe DeRita and Joe Besser are for true diehards.

You won’t get through this set in a month. I had seen some of it over the past year or so. Again the cartoons, the documentary, Have Rocket, Will Travel; The Outlaws Is Coming and Rockin’ in the Rockies had all come my way previously and even as I’m writing this I haven’t seen everything here!

The Best of The Three Stooges is a perfect gift or perfect addition to your collection. Pretty much everything you want is right here. I’ve always enjoyed the comedic styling of The Three Stooges and I’ll be popping this in for years to come.



Type: DVD/13 Discs
Running Time: Approximately 2805 mins.
Genre: TV DVD
Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1 & 1.78:1
Audio: Stereo & Dolby Digital 5.1


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