Whether pulling survivors from a fiery high-rise or the twisted steel of a subway collision, Tommy Gavin (Denis Leary) takes pride in leading the heroic but overwhelmed firefighters of the NYFD. But he’s also drifting between sorrow and anger over a separation from his wife and three kids, and the haunting memories of his fallen comrades.

For the first time ever, all seven seasons of Rescue Me are available in one complete Blu-ray box set. From series creators Denis Leary and Peter Tolan, the highly acclaimed Rescue Me galvanized audiences with its uncompromising portrayal of the New York City firefighters of 62 Truck, whose duty to save lives puts their own in constant turmoil – on the front lines, in the firehouse, and at home.

What We Thought:

Thanks to Mill Creek Entertainment Denis Leary’s Rescue Me has finally been released as a The Complete Series Blu-ray box set. I watched every episode when it aired on FX and it was one of my favorite shows of that time. Along with Nip/Tuck, The Shield and Sons of Anarchy, it helped make FX a popular channel.

Denis Leary’s show had a little bit of everything, drama, love, relationships, comedy, history and more. Leary has a close relationship with firefighters having family members who were firefighters and losing one in a major fire in Massachusetts. This show was based in New York and showed how fire departments and firefighters were effected by the events of 9/11 and the aftermath.

That’s one thing I loved about the show, years after 9/11, it had a character get sick because of being involved in the search & rescue and clean up. All the 9/11 money had been long spent and here he was sick because of that day but not getting relief fund money because it was years later. The show tackled 9/11 and all that came of it extremely well.

9/11 played a major role early on because Leary’s character lost a family member during the attacks and the show always felt that presence sometimes with Leary’s Tommy Gavin visualizing his lost cousin and having a relationship with his cousin’s wife later on. The show definitely wasn’t afraid to get taboo and deal with affairs, divorce, sex and relationships both straight and gay.

That’s also why the show worked so well, the ensemble cast. Whether they were white, black, Spanish, gay, straight, they were firefighters first and brothers because of it. All the characters had their own storylines and you grew to love the crew. Sure the show got religious-y at times, but that’s Leary’s background and that allowed the great Peter Gallagher to play a priest in a bunch of episodes. The show had a ton of other guest stars including Gina Gershon, Lenny Clarke, Tatum O’Neal and a lot more.

With this new Rescue Me The Complete SeriesĀ Blu-ray box set I will definitely be rewatching the show multiple times through the years. It comes with plenty of bonus features as well including Behind-the-Scenes, Blooper Reels, Deleted & Extended Scenes, Select Commentary with Leary & Peter Tolan, On Set Location Tour and more. Like every good show it had some seasons that weren’t as good as others, but as a complete series collection this is…


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