When a scientific experiment conducted by a local entrepreneur unleashes an epidemic of zombies and mutant wildlife in the Austrian alps, three young snowboarders find themselves in an epic battle for survival where they must use their killer snowboarding skills to defeat the raging apr├ęs-ski undead once and for all.


What We Thought:

Attack of the Lederhosen Zombies is a pretty solid horror comedy. It gets a lot of points for the use of practical effects over today’s standard CG.

That’s what surprised me the most, a lot of the zombie kills are old school style with heads popping off, lots of blood and guts and nastiness. I grew up with that type of horror and that’s what I prefer. Today’s over use of CGI ruins movies for me. This is a nice little throwback.

The movie is about some snowboarders who get stuck on a mountain when one pulls a stunt and loses his sponsorship. A liquid that a man hopes will help with the mountain turns people and wildlife into zombies and the comedy ensues. It’s sort of a mix of Dead Snow and Frozen (the Adam Green movie not the Disney one) and comedy.

To me, a zombie movie is made up by two things, the look of the zombies and the killing of the zombies. The zombies here are pretty cool, but like I said earlier, the use of practical effects for the kills is what makes the film worth watching.

I watch a lot of zombie films so I’m always looking for new, original ways of killing them. This taking place on a mountain with skiers and snowboarders opens the door to some new fun ways to kill zombies. One has two ski poles jammed into his eye sockets. There’s a montage of zombies getting killed with snowboards chopping off heads and limbs. A deer gets absolutely destroyed by a snowmobile. Just good stuff.

Horror comedies can be a mixed bag. Sometimes we get gems like The Cabin in the Woods and Tucker & Dale Vs Evil. Most of the time we get unwatchable garbage. I gotta say I liked Attack of the Lederhosen Zombies. It’s something I’d watch again and tell other zombie fans to check out.


Cast & Crew:


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