Now a part of the celebrated Walt Disney Signature Collection, the timeless story of PINOCCHIO inspires a new generation with its masterful animation, award-winning music, unforgettable characters and exclusive, all-new behind-the-scenes Bonus Extras! With his faithful friend Jiminy Cricket by his side, Pinocchio embarks on fantastic adventures that test his bravery, loyalty and honesty until he triumphs in his quest for his heart’s desire: to become a real boy.


What We Thought:

I probably hadn’t seen Pinocchio in 30 years before watching this new Walt Disney Signature Collection Blu-ray. Before the movie is an anti-smoking ad which reminded me that there was smoking in the movie.

That’s what surprised me the most rewatching the film, it would not be allowed to be aimed at today’s kids. Geppetto smokes a pipe before bed. The fox (was it a fox or just a cat?) smokes a cigar. The kids smoke cigars at Pleasure Island. Lampwick and Pinocchio both drink what we can assume is beer at Pleasure Island which transforms them into donkeys. And one thing I did not remember nor did my asst. editor Rocky Maxwell, Geppetto pulls out a gun (flint-lock looking style) out from under his pillow when Pinocchio starts to become alive.

Today’s PC, helicopter parents would not accept any of that for their precious children. We all grew up with it and we turned out fine, ok most of us did. We barely noticed it or our parents told us it was wrong. We watched the movie to be entertained and to sing along to There Are No Strings on Me. Maybe if today’s parents actually paid attention to their kids and didn’t use TV to babysit them, we wouldn’t need anti-smoking ads because kids would already know it’s bad. Pinocchio half way turns into a donkey from drinking beer, that was good enough for us to know it was bad.

Sorry, sometimes I have to rant. As for the movie itself, it is classic Disney storytelling. There’s a character to root for. There’s fun side characters, Figaro and Jiminy Cricket. There’s music and adventure. It’s easy to see why decades later, it’s still a classic film.

This new Signature Collection looks really good on Blu-ray. Colors are sharp and clear. Audio is top-notch with easy to hear dialogue and score. Plus it’s jam-packed with bonus features that make this new version worth picking up.

Pinocchio is a classic for a reason. This new version is pretty fantastic and is worth adding to your collection. I hadn’t seen it in a very long time so if you haven’t either, it might surprise you.


Bonus Features:

  • Walt’s Story Meetings: Pleasure Island – The Pleasure Island scene in “Pinocchio” had much more development than what is seen in the film. Join Pixar’s Pete Docter and Disney historian and author J.B. Kaufman as they explore artwork recently discovered in Disney’s animation research library revealing some of the attractions, gags and games, which Disney animators created for this iconic location of the film, that never made it on-screen.
  • In Walt’s Words – “Pinocchio” – Hear Walt himself discuss the making of “Pinocchio” through archival recordings and interviews.
  • The Pinocchio Project: “When You Wish Upon a Star” – Music influencers Alex G, Tanner Patrick and JR Aquino from Disney’s Maker Studios, a global leader in short-form videos, gather in a creative workspace to create their rendition of the film’s signature song, “When You Wish Upon a Star,” and produce a fresh new music video.
  • Oswald the Lucky Rabbit in “Poor Papa” – This recently restored and scored 1927 short features Oswald the Lucky Rabbit who gets multiple visits from the stork and is forced to attempt various methods to help stop the onslaught of baby deliveries.
  • Classic Bonus Features – These offerings from prior home entertainment releases include hours of bonus material, such as the making of “Pinocchio,” deleted scenes, sing-alongs, storyboards and theatrical trailers.

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