Jackie (Julie Benz), a troubled young woman struggling with addiction, is released from rehab and given a second chance with a new job and a furnished apartment at Havenhurst. Guilt-ridden over the loss of her 8-year-old daughter, Jackie is quickly drawn into the mysteries of Havenhurst, in particular the disappearance of apartment 1006’s previous lost soul, a young woman (Danielle Harris) she befriended in rehab who vanished without a trace.

Aided by a hardened New York police detective (Josh Stamberg) and a lonely foster child (Belle Shouse) who lives under the sadistic shadow of her caretakers, Jackie must not only battle her inner demons… but the very real ones that live within the walls of Havenhurst.


What We Thought:

Havenhurst was a nice little surprise. It’s not groundbreaking or anything, but I thought Julie Benz was good and isn’t bad for a film I knew nothing about.

I will say that Danielle Harris is barely in it. They use her name and horror reputation for advertising and I get it. Benz is the main character and everything revolves around her so if you are a Harris fan expecting a big performance out of her, you’ll be disappointed.

It is Benz’s best performance in years. She holds your attention playing a role that fits her age. She plays an alcoholic trying to get her life back together after her daughter dies. She moves into Harris’ old apartment at Havenhurst after she goes missing. She immediately feels something is wrong and the building’s secrets slowly reveal themselves.

The movie works overall because it doesn’t try to outsmart itself. It has some twists and turns and a little surprise at the end with one character you should see coming, but it doesn’t get too crazy. It lays out its story and doesn’t pretend to be something it’s not. I can respect that. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time, just make an entertaining, easy to follow movie especially when nobody has ever heard of your film.

There is some surprising gore too which I liked. It’s more a psychological drama than horror film, but there are some cool kills and effects. It’s a nice little touch that adds to the film.

Havenhurst won’t wow too many people, but that’s fine. It’s enjoyable enough and Benz is good. Don’t expect too much from Harris and you should overall enjoy it.


Cast & Crew:

  • Julie Benz
  • Danielle Harris
  • Josh Stamberg


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