Pickin’ and grinnin’, singin’ and spinnin’ tall tales and corny jokes, the citizens of Kornfield Kounty landed on television in 1969 with the arrival of HEE HAW as a summer replacement series for The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour. With a cast of down-to-earth characters including Minnie Pearl, Grandpa Jones and Archie Campbell, knee-slapping comedic zingers, and jaw-dropping musical performances, the comedy-variety show, co-hosted by Buck Owens and Roy Clark, captivated the country. In 1971, after two successful years, CBS dropped the show in an effort to “de-countrify” the network’s programming; however, it was quickly picked up and aired for the next 21 years, making HEE HAW the longest-running weekly syndicated original series in television history.

In a new-to-retail set, HEE HAW: THE COLLECTOR’S EDITION offers 14 HEE-larious discs featuring some of the best sketches and brightest stars from the series’ impressive 23-year history, rarely seen since their original broadcasts. Across 21 vintage hours, viewers can sit back and be entertained by korny klassics such as “PFFT! You Were Gone,” “Gordie’s General Store,” “Board Fence,” “Cornfield” and “Moonshiners” — as well as the all-time favorites “Rindercella” and “Trigonometry.” And because HEE HAW was a favorite stop for country music’s biggest stars and legends, THE COLLECTOR’S EDITION also features hundreds of classic performances from Hall of Famers at the peaks of their careers including Tammy Wynette (“Stand By Your Man”), George Jones (“White Lightnin”), Merle Haggard (“Okie From Muskogee”), Waylon Jennings (“Me and Bobby McGee”), Johnny Cash (“I Walk the Line”), Jerry Lee Lewis (“Whole Lot of Shakin’ Goin’ On”), Tanya Tucker (“Delta Dawn”), and Loretta Lynn & Conway Twitty (“Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man”) and too many others to name.


What We Thought:

One of my earliest memories of my grandmother’s house is Hee Haw. My grandmother loved country music and Hee Haw and the Grand Ole Opry were always on her TV. Re-watching the show today, I understand why it lasted as long as it did.

The show was a mix of skits and music. They got some of the biggest names in country on the show. From Johnny Cash to Waylon Jennings to Merle Haggard and everyone in between. It’s amazing how many of these acts and songs I know still and I don’t listen to country music at all. I probably haven’t listened to country in over 20 years yet all these songs are familiar.

The skits were a combination of new bits and recurring sketches. The board fence is as iconic as Laugh-In’s board that would open with the actors telling jokes. It made stars out of Minnie Pearl, Roy Clark and more.

What’s funny is, as a kid, you didn’t realize some of the stuff the show was joking about. It was all family friendly stuff, but it touched on some subjects that went over your head when you were young. There were skits about moonshining and more much that I didn’t understand as a kid, but think are really funny today.

This box set is a monster. Seriously, it has to weigh a few pounds. Even if you didn’t like the show, the music alone is worth the price if you like country music, good old-fashioned country music. But if you do like the skits, characters, surprise guests and recurring jokes, every single one is in this set. 14 discs worth of jokes and music.

Whenever I watch something like Hee Haw The Collector’s Edition I’m always shocked at how much I remember. The show has been off the air since the early 90s and I haven’t seen an episode since this box set came my way yet I remember a lot of it. It is a pretty legendary show and has been referenced many times since it went off the air. The music is great and some of the surprise guests are even better. Fans of the show have to own this.


  • New interviews with show regulars including Roy Clark, Lulu Roman, George Lindsey, Charlie McCoy and Jim and John Hager
  • Additional bonus programming includes all-time favorite comedy from the early years in “Hee Haw Laffs,” featuring “Board Fence,” “Doctor Spot,” “Old Philosopher,” “Haystack,” “Schoolhouse” and other knee-slappers

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