glorydazeGlory Daze: The Life And Times Of Michael AlligHighly-anticipated crime documentary Glory Daze : The Life and Times of Michael Alig has been acquired for release through Osiris Entertainment.
Like the film Party Monster (which starred Macaulay Culkin as Alig), Glory Daze details the meteoric rise and shocking fall of Alig in the New York nightlife scene of the mid 80’s to the mid 90’s. Alig, as you’ll recall, was a prominent figure in the nightclub scene in the ‘80s and ‘90s until the murder of a friend derailed his career and ruined his reputation.

This documentary treads over the same old ground of anything previous that has been made about Michael Allig. A lot of what was said in this one, I remember pretty much the same things being said pretty much the same way on like an episode of 60 minutes or something years ago. This one does talk a little more about the club culture leading up to the arrival of Michael Allig on the scene.  There are also more interviews with former club kids who knew Allig than I remember seeing elsewhere. This one also has the advantage of having been made more recently, so we get to see Michael Allig’s release from prison, and his reuniting with his friends from his club days. I would recommend it to people who have followed the case, for conclusion purposes, to put the final end point on the story. As long as those people don’t mind seeing a lot of the same info they have already gotten through the years. I would definitely recommend it to people who maybe only saw Party Monster, or who only had heard bits about the case, and would like to know more.

Alien Encounter At Loch NessAlien Encounter At Loch NessThe Loch Ness Monster has been encountered by locals since the 7th century, but no scientific investigation has fully explained the mystery until now. Prepare for a mind blowing revelation as a well-respected and worldwide scientific expert reveals the alien of Loch Ness.

Most of this documentary goes over the history of the Loch Ness Monster. It talks about the different stories about the monster, including old legends and folklore surrounding Loch Ness. It also covers more recent reports of Nessie. The alien part of the documentary doesn’t seem to really get talked about, until near the end. The explanation of it seems very inadequate, and kind of tacked-on. Despite the obvious low production value, and goofy visual gimmicks to burn time, most of the documentary is interesting if you are a Nessie fan, or like cryptozoology in general, but the alien part really didn’t fit. And that is coming from a man who likes alien theories.  Not enough time was spent developing it, and there wasn’t enough build-up to it throughout the documentary. Overall I’d recommend this for Nessie and crypto zoology fans.

Aleister CrowleyAleister Crowley: Legend Of The BeastHailed as the wickedest man alive and called The Great Beast 666 by his own mother, Aleister Crowley was also one of the most accomplished philosophers, poets, authors, mountain climbers, chess players and sensationalists of his or any other time. A man who dared to live by his own true will, explore Crowley’s amazing life and journey.

Ok, I know, this isn’t really a documentary, it is a biopic.  But, I needed one more film to round this showcase out and I have nowhere else to put this one, so close enough! This film explores the life of Aleister Crowley in re-enactments of different moments of his life, as he talks to one of his former wives on his deathbed. Despite being familiar with Aleister Crowley, I have always found him a fascinating person, this film didn’t always hold my attention the whole time. Some of the moments of his life they chose weren’t the most interesting. The production values were obviously low, there was some decent acting, and it had some nudity.  I wouldn’t recommend this for Aleister Crowley enthusiasts, or  people who are otherwise familiar with him. I might recommend this as a starting point if you don’t know much about him but are interested in knowing about The Great beast.

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