It’s Friday! You know what that means, it’s time to put down the briefcase and pick up the controller and unwind from work stresses for two days of unadulterated gaming. You’ve built up quite the collection of games over the years but now you have to choose which games to play this weekend, lucky for you, I’m here to help in my newest article series: What should you play this weekend? Here’s how it works, I’m gonna tell you about all the gaming events, double XP weekend and timed events that take place during the weekend. Now don’t get me wrong, you’ll see new releases or just good games on this list, but that’s because they need some love as well. On to the games you should play this weekend!

ingressRemember when gaming was just sitting around and eating Cheetos while drinking Mountain Dew? Now it doesn’t have to be. Mobile gaming has taken the world, our wallets and our cell phones by storm. We’re all familiar with Niantics Pokemon GO, but fewer people are aware of their first augmented reality game, Ingress. Ingress is a much more tactical game than Pokemon GO, relying on teamwork, coordination and planning to achieve victory. In Ingress there are two teams, the enlightened (Green) and the resistance (Blue) who fight to claim portals. You can link these portals together and if you link three in a triangle shape, you create what’s called a containment field. I have seen containment fields that spanned across the Atlantic Ocean connecting North America to the UK. Much like Pokemon GO, Ingress relies on local landmarks and user submitted locations for their portal placement. In fact, most Pokestops are also Ingress portals. Tomorrow, I will be attending what is called an Ingress Anomaly event in Portland Maine. I myself have no idea what to expect but you’ll see an article about it on Monday regarding my experience. I’m currently level 5, the soft level cap is level 8, you then rely on their badge system to level beyond that, It’s free, fun and has more retaining power than Pokemon GO (Shots fired!).

EDIT: while writing this article I just got this message from my team leader regarding the anomaly:

“Friends, Agents, Countrymen lend me your ears.  We are now a mere 24 hours away from the anomaly.  A tremendous burden has been placed upon all of us. Not since anomalies of a bygone era have the resistance won on the east coast. From DC to Savannah, Boston to Orlando, Brooklyn to Pittsburgh there has been no place for them to hide. From one end to another on this coast they have been dominated. Now it falls upon us to show the resistance that Portland is no different. They shall not plant their flag of oppression and tyranny on our hallowed ground.  This is our homeland and we shall fight to the last for it.  Tomorrow we will show them that they can take our portals but they will never take our FREEDOM!”

People take this game seriously, no pressure.

WoWLegionWorld of Warcraft: Legion hits shelves this Tuesday. That means that this is the last weekend for invasions, and in turn, using invasions to get a ridiculous amount of XP.  I leveled up my mage from level 86 to 100 in the course of about 3-4 hours, your results may vary depending on travel time. If you’ve never played World of Warcraft, They do offer a free trial account, you can level up as many characters to level 20 as you’d like and get a feel for each one. The trial account, in my opinion, fails to offer the true Warcraft experience. If you are playing just the trial, you cannot trade, whisper to other players, start groups (Although you can join them). Take advantage of the final pre Legion weekend and get through your Warcraft checklist, you’ll be pretty busy come Tuesday.


destinyDo people still play Destiny: The Taken King? The answer is yes, a bunch of people do, and the weekend is the best time to play if you love that sweet player versus player action. Trials of Osiris, Destiny’s weekend exclusive event is back again and this time they’re turning up the heat. Grab two friends and battle in a myriad of matches, if you win nine straight games, your reward will be great (seriously, you get the best gear from Trials of Osiris.) Destiny’s newest expansion, Rise of Iron, hits shelves on September 20th and Trials is one of the best ways to ensure you’re geared up enough to take on this new mechanical threat. If you’re looking for another reason to jump back into Destiny this weekend, the exotic Salesman Xur is back and it’s time to pick up that sweet rare gear (that you probably have 6 duplicates of in your vault).

pokemongoI’d be remiss if I didn’t put Niantics newest game in this article, I think it’s called Digimon GO, or something like that. Niantics recent released game Pokemon GO is GOing out of style it seems, but Niantic does continue to update, bug fix and add features to its newest creation. Pokemon GO is a fun game to explore the environment and collect those lovable, if not terrifying, creatures we all know and love. While active user count has plummeted, I still see people playin Pokemon GO in droves. It’s a game that every member of the family can find enjoyment or frustration in. It’s a game that relies on communication to try to track down that Pikachu on your map, and nothing gives a bigger rush than catching that CP 1689 Snorlax with your last Pokeball. Pokemon GO offers a great way to meet new people and still get your gaming fix.

Titanfall2If you’re up to date on my reviews and you’ve read them all, I have two things to say. First, you’re an awesome person, second, you’ll have read my latest one about the Titanfall 2 technical test. Well, It’s back for its second weekend. This weekend you can experience the same joy of yo-yoing people that I did and I highly encourage you do. There have been some tweaks made (Which is the whole point) and they are addressing the feedback that they are receiving. The Titanfall 2 technical test is open for anyone who wants to play it for free. Pilot big robots, shoot big robots, shoot regular players who are not in big robots, rinse and repeat. I’m not sure if it’ll be available next weekend, get it while you can!

That’s all I got for you this weekend. Remember to game safely and in moderation, sunlight is a beautiful thing. I’ll be busy playing Ingress and World of Warcraft myself, maybe with a side of Titanfall 2 with Pokemon GO sprinkled on top, we’ll see. Have a great weekend everyone and make sure to check back Monday for my Ingress anomaly article!

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