Up first this week is Heels: The Complete First Season. It’s a pretty solid show starring Stephen Amell (Arrow) and Alexander Ludwig (Vikings) as brothers who are independent wrestlers. Amell’s character is the older brother who inherited his dad’s struggling company and arena with Ludwig the younger brother who has the potential to be a star. It’s a great look at independent wrestling and not the glamour of the WWE. I liked it quite a bit and thought Chris Bauer was fantastic as the aging wrestling veteran. The more you are into the wrestling the more you’ll enjoy it, but even if you aren’t a fan you’ll like it (both my parents did). It’s been picked up for a second season and I look forward to it.

Second we have Seobok: Project Clone a sci-fi/action flick out of South Korea. Even though we’ve seen similar movies I overall liked it. A young boy is the result of a scientific experiment where the result of his cloning gives him abilities. Of course other groups want him for a weapon because of these abilities and they don’t believe he can die. After an attack a man is hired to move the boy, but the convoy is attacked and the two have to set off on their own. The boy learns of the outside world while the man wants to keep him safe so he can be healed of an illness. It doesn’t have a ton of action, but what it has is good. It’s not weighed down by a ton of effects and I liked the ending a lot. South Korea has put out some good films over the past 10 years and this pretty good too.

Third we have They Say Nothing Stays the Same out of Japan. It’s about an aging ferry boat rower who takes people around the water while a bridge is being built that will put him out of business. One day he finds a girl in the water who he nurses back to Earth. He hears a story about a girl escaping from a local village after her family was massacred. He also has a fellow villager friend that helps him from time to time. It’s well made and well acted, but not a lot happens during most of it. There’s an underwater scene I didn’t quite get and the film tackles progress and how it hurts others which I understood. It’s not something I’d watch again, but it’s good enough for one viewing because the backdrop is quite beautiful and acting is good.

The next batch of releases come from Mill Creek Entertainment. First is The Skulls Trilogy. I always thought The Skulls was a solid movie starring Joshua Jackson, Paul Walker and Leslie Bibb. Jackson was the local kid with a tough background with Walker being a legacy, his father was a Skull. When Jackson is invited to join the prestigious organization his life is immediately changed. Then his roommate dies while investigating the secret society and Jackson learns his life can be destroyed if he can’t prove what happened. I hadn’t seen it in years and it holds up pretty well. The late Paul Walker is good as is Jackson and it’s just a film I’ve always liked. I had never seen the sequels before. The Skulls II is very similar to the first film but this time the death involved a female student and the new potential Skull witnessing her death by a fellow Skull. His brother is a legacy Skull and he must prove the murder before his life is ruined. A bit too similar as the first and the cast is not nearly as talented. The Skulls III sees a female student wanting to be part of the all boys club and her dad is a Skull. Her brother had died while trying to be a Skull and she is set up for murder so she doesn’t have to be let in. It’s not very good. The first film is worth the purchase though.

The next bunch of releases are documentary based shows on aliens and Knights Templars. It’s fun conspiracy stuff that I’m into and if you watch shows like Ancient Aliens and The Curse of Oak Island you’ll probably like them too. First is Knights Templar and Freemasons and if you can’t tell by the name of my site (The Nerds Templar) I’m very into Knights Templar mythology and its history. So basically this was right up my alley. It’s a 4 part documentary set with the first part talking about the rise and eventual fall of the Templars. The second part gets into The Holy Grail and different wars and theories about it. The third part covers The Illuminati and how if real they could control everything in the world. The fourth part covers Freemasonry and its mythology and its possible ties to the Templars. Needless to say I dug it.

Next is Ancient Alien Enigma. As someone who watches Ancient Aliens on The History Channel this is another 4 part documentary collection I enjoyed. I knew a lot of it already because of that series, but it was still a fun watch. The first part talks about the Anunnaki theory and how we descended from giant like creatures we thought were gods. Part two is Aliens in Egypt and how the pyramids and ancient megalithic structures were built by aliens and how they could be portals and other scientific entities. Part three is about Americans, their abductions and sightings. The fourth part talks about some evidence we have about real aliens. The photos from Mars in the late 1980s, different sound waves and contact through probes, etc. I liked it.

The third 4 part documentary collection is Alien Agenda. The first part gets into abductions and what might be happening to humans because of it. Part two talks about the Reptilian Theory and how man kind has been controlled since the beginning. Part three shows people who claim to have been abducted and how they share similar stories and abilities. Part four tries to show some more evidence of UFO sighting and contact we’ve had with aliens. Not as good as Ancient Alien Enigma to me.

Last of the 4 part documentary collections is New World Order:  American Apocalypse. Most of these are more conspiracy theory than documentary/factual to me. The first part is about the New World Order and those elites who control the world. Part two is American Illuminati and how the US was created and how everything from politics to religion was designed for this country. Part three is American Illuminati 2 which dives more into the theory. Part four talks about how our lives are now controlled by phones, tablets and computers. This was the most interesting part to me.

Last we have Ultraman Zero: The Chronicle The Complete Series and is the latest in Ultraman releases from Mill Creek which came out earlier in the month. Ultraman Zero is the son of Ultraman Seven and is trained by other Ultramen to help protect Earth and the Land of Light. It came out around 2017 I believe and although I prefer the original series more than the newer ones, if you’ve been collecting all the Ultraman series this is a must own. This seemed to have more monsters in it compared to recent series or at least it seems that way. I also liked that Ultraman Zero could combine with others to form Ultraman Saga. Not my favorite, but watchable.

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