Hosted and executive produced by Golden Globe®- and Primetime Emmy Award®-winning* actor, William Shatner, this hit series from HISTORY® tackles subjects that have mystified mankind for centuries — from Japan’s ominous “Suicide Forest” to strange creatures like the Chupacabra to bizarre Voodoo rituals. With compelling contributions from scientists, historians, and first-hand witnesses, each episode seeks to shed light on how the seemingly impossible can happen, providing answers for some while leaving others . . . UnXplained.

What We Thought:

I watch a lot of the weird shows on The History Channel so The UnXplained: Season 1 was right up my alley. It’s not as out there as Ancient Aliens, but it’s not one of the channel’s “scripted” odd ball shows like Project Blue Book either. It’s more folklore or urban legend based than factual.

Each episode has an overall theme. The first episode takes a look at Evil Places. The forest of Japan which has been used in many movies is one of them. It also looks at alleged haunted houses and locations where people have disappeared. Episode 2 is Mysterious Structures like the pyramids, the crazy Winchester house, forgotten underground places and the like.

Episode 3 is Strange Creatures, urban legends like the Chupacabra, the Mothman, etc. The fourth episode is Unnatural Nature about odd weather or natural phenomena. Five is Bizarre Rituals, things like voodoo, exorcisms, fire walking and other rituals in different groups of society.

Episode 6 tackles Life Beyond Death, ideas of an afterlife based on first hand experiences with near death experiences, organ donation and the like. Seven is Mysteries of the Mind, a look at how the brain functions and trying to open its full potential. The last episode deals with Incredible Survivors, how some people can survive things they shouldn’t. Is it luck? Is it instinct? Something buried deep inside us?

Obviously The UnXplained: Season 1 is for those of us who enjoyed The X-Files, mystery shows, urban legends and everything in between. William Shatner hosts, but it’s the subject matter that will either hold your attention or lose your interest. I didn’t give it a chance when it aired, but after watching this, I’d jump into season 2.

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