After Sean Reilly, an earnest, self-deprecating, NY to LA transplant learns his slothful, less talented best friend gets a starring role on a hit TV show, he must battle his own insecurities and jealousy as well as the egocentric, spray-tanned male star of the show that is threatening his childhood friendship.

What We Thought:

My Best Friend’s Famous is the kind of film I think of when I think of independent film. It’s story/character driven. It’s relatable. There’s no special effects or CGI. It’s a delightful, easy to follow film with characters you’ve probably met and situations you’ve probably been through. I know I have.

I spent a few years in Los Angeles at one point going to movie events, seeing all the people that go to those events. I met a lot of people who were very much there to be seen and not necessarily because they wanted to be there. Besides this writing gig I’ve also done acting work. I’ve been to auditions. I’ve seen others around me get a job that put them higher than me. In a way, I am the main character Sean, well I was a Boston to LA transplant not New York to LA.

Ultimately that is why this film works for me. You have a main character whose life isn’t perfect. Hell it’s kinda crappy. He’s working the typical Los Angeles job while waiting for his big break. His girlfriend breaks up with him, to say the least, awkwardly. His roommate hangs him out to dry and he has to move in with family. And his buddy gets a break he might not deserve. Add in the vapid lifestyle of the area and it makes Sean really question his life.

For the over 30 crowd who might not have their life together or maybe it’s not where you thought it would be, this movie feels so damn authentic. If you have a dream and haven’t accomplished it by a certain point, you question whether or not that dream is reachable. Do you give up or keep going? Maybe you just aren’t that good. Sean’s life is falling apart around him while others are obtaining their goals. He meets someone new at the wrong time and treats her badly because all he knows then and there is bad. His friendship gets rocky because his friend is in a new lifestyle and he’s still serving people asking if the food has gluten in it or if it’s Vegan (I do not miss this aspect of Los Angeles). He wants to be happy for his friend, but those around his friend are pulling him away.

My Best Friend’s Famous is sort of the Swingers for today. Swingers really showcased the Los Angeles lifestyle of the 1990’s and it’s where I learned that area codes tell people where in life you are. This film shows the LA of today. It’s still very much a fake town even more so now thanks to social media and reality TV. Nick Psinakis’ performance of Sean captures that every man with a dream element most people can relate to. It also captures that down on your luck, what’s next in life aspect as well. For a movie I had never heard of, I genuinely enjoyed it. I laughed out loud multiple times and it might hit a wee bit too close to home!


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