During the greatest war in the history of mankind, young lieutenant Ivushkin assembles a courageous group of POWs to plan a daring escape from captivity. With the power of a half-destroyed T-34 tank, Ivushkin and his crew challenge an enemy battalion, ready to battle until the end – for family and for country.

What We Thought:

T-34 is a pretty solid Russian World War II tank flick. As an American it is weird seeing a historical drama from another country’s point of view. I watch a lot of Asian films so I’m almost used to that, but watching a World War II film from Russia’s perspective is odd.

This is about a Russian tank that takes on a German battalion. They take down most of the enemy, but wind up captured and imprisoned. There they are picked to teach German soldiers how to be better tankmen, but they use the training exercise to try to escape. Sure you always root against the Nazis in a World War II story, but it is very odd to root for the Russians who are the “good” guys in this.

The action is good, but it does use some super slow motion scenes which I’m not a fan of. I don’t like it when Zack Snyder does it and I don’t like it here especially with the fake CGI look. I don’t need to see a tank fire and a shell casing popping out in slow-mo and so on. I don’t like it, it takes me out of the film. This does rely on a lot of CGI as well because you can’t go around actually blowing up era appropriate tanks. Some of the action does look fake because of it, but most people are used to it at this point.

I’m not sure if T-34 is based on a true story or not but I can see it being based on a combination of stories. It has better action than Fury and reminded me of Operation Red Sea and Wolf Warrior 2 which used a lot of tanks as well. I didn’t know what to expect and overall I enjoyed it. It’s long but not overly slow and it’s different seeing something historical from a Russian perspective.

Country of Origin: Russia

T-34 has a runtime of approximately 112 minutes and is not rated.

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