A shipment of a narcotic more dangerous than opium is about to be distributed across the country by a corrupt pharmaceutical company. In the face of foreign and domestic enemies, can Wong Fei Hung stop the spread of this dangerous narcotic and save lives in time?

Country of Origin: China

What We Thought:

The Unity of Heroes isn’t quite what I thought it was going to be, but I still liked it overall. I expected more horror elements like Rampant or the show Kingdom on Netflix, but it’s more action than horror based.

It does have some horror elements though. A hospital staff is experimenting on patients giving them a drug more powerful than opium. The users get super strength and become extremely violent. I was expecting it to be more zombie-ish like Rampant, but I’m not sure where I got those expectations from.

Vincent Zhao reprises his role as legendary folk hero Wong Fei Hung who is teaching students martial arts and must deal with a new martial arts teacher and his students along with the hospital bad guys. A woman from his past also arrives back home from America and she gets a job working at the hospital.

Even though I was expecting something different, there are some great fight sequences in the film. The hand to hand fighting is great along with strong wire work and effects. Add in the super strength element and any fan of martial arts films should find something to enjoy in it.

Like most of the Asian period piece films I watch this one has top-notch production value including really good set design and costuming. You come to expect beautiful wardrobe and set pieces in these films and this has two very stylized dragon costumes and great wardrobe.

The Unity of Heroes is the latest Asian period piece with a twist. I like that they are trying to bring new and different elements to the genre because there are a lot of period piece films out there. This is less fantasy than a lot as well and although I was expecting more of zombie/horror film, it’s still worth watching.

Directed by Lin Zhenzhao, the film also stars Vini Li Lubing (Fascinated Love), Chen Chen, Li Bingyuan (Defying Chase, Tomb Robber), Wei Xiaohuan (The Grandmaster), Xu Zhengguo and Michael Tong (God of War, Tomb Robber).

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