Inspired by Norman Ohler’s revelatory international best-seller, Blitzed: Drugs In The Third Reich, this compelling two-part documentary series reveals how both Hitler and Nazi Germany were heavily addicted to drugs throughout World War II. Through recently unearthed journals of Hitler’s personal doctor, as well as archival documents and interviews with historians, scientists and WWII experts, NAZI JUNKIES, unveils the depths of German addiction in surprising fashion.


Cocaine, opiates, steroids… Hitler consumed an assortment of drugs as he ruled over Nazi Germany. The secret journals of Dr. Théodore Morell, Hitler’s personal physician, have suggested that the Führer was a full-fledged addict. Archival documents and testimonies from historians, scientists and World War II specialists reveal new evidence showing the true extent of his addiction. But will an examination of Hitler’s skull uncover the ultimate proof of his drug habits?


The year is 1939. Hitler plunges Europe into war. In a few weeks the Wehrmacht brings Poland to its knees and crushes the French Army. Nothing seems to be able to stop the Reich, and yet only two years later, their armed forces are destroyed in Russia. How can such a collapse be explained? Nazi Germany was an entire nation binging on speed, and on the battlefield the drug was systematically used to keep soldiers awake and to maximize their endurance and stamina.

What We Thought:

I’ve always been a pretty big history buff so I quite enjoyed Nazi Junkies. It’s a two-part documentary series on drug use among The Third Reich during World War II. Now a lot of it can’t be proven and is one person guessing at what some documents say, but it was well believed that German soldiers did use something while fighting.

The first part is predominantly about Adolph Hitler. Hitler was very anti-drug and alcohol and a vegetarian, but according to this, his doctor shot him up daily with a heroin type drug, Pervitin, a methamphetamine, steroids and more. Later on after the attempted assassination, Hitler would start using cocaine prescribed by another doctor. This also talks about his rumored Parkinson’s Disease using footage of him hiding the shaking in his arm. Again, most of this is guess-work based on paperwork with a lettering code believed to stand for Adolph and Eva Braun. None of it can really be proven, but hey I watch Ancient Aliens so I find it pretty fascinating.

The second part is about Nazi soldiers being prescribed Pervitin to be able to march further, fly longer and fight harder. There is paperwork about shipments of it being sent to soldiers and it being part of their supplies. It makes sense with how far they traveled through Europe from Poland to France to the USSR. It’s also messed up that teen boys were given it to stay awake to drive mini-subs most likely going to die. I liked how after factories were bombed the soldiers were no longer getting their supplies and how a doctor fought for it to be no longer given to soldiers because of the side effects. It was also popular among the German people with it being a problem a decade after the war.

Being a history buff I love the archival footage, photos and stories. Sure what they say in Nazi Junkies can’t be proven, but at an hour an episode, I enjoyed both episodes. If you like history, especially military history or World War II, I highly recommend it.

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