Terminator 2: Judgment Day shattered the definition of action-filmmaking to become one of the most celebrated sequels of all time. Even in an age of anything-is-possible digital blockbuster filmmaking – with onscreen action often entirely fabricated and “unreal” – T2 remains a touchstone for both filmmakers and movie fans on the use of visual effects, fusing high-tech thrills with an emotional and compelling story.

What We Thought:

At this point in time Terminator 2: Judgement Day is considered one of the greatest sci-fi flicks of all-time and cemented Arnold Schwarzenegger’s legacy in pop culture history. From “I’ll be back” to “Hasta la vista, baby”, the film was a staple of movie references for a generation. It introduced us to actor Edward Furlong and made Linda Hamilton one of the queens of badass chicks on-screen. You’ve probably seen it many times and if like me, already own it on DVD or Blu-ray.

Well now you can it own it in 4K high-definition. So is it worth the upgrade? Looks wise there is an improvement especially compared to the DVD. Even though the film is closing in on 30 years old, the special effects still hold up pretty well and look pristine in 4K. Everyone was blown away at the T-1000 Terminator (played by Robert Patrick) back in the day and the silver effects still look great. The shoot out with Arnold shooting up police cars (without killing anyone) with the massive machine gun look great as well on 4K. The chase scenes, Hamilton’s one-handed shotgun pump, the mall shootout, all look fantastic.

This new release includes a bunch of bonus features including two deleted scenes, 2 commentaries including James Cameron, a 55 minute documentary with with Arnold Schwarzenegger, James Cameron, Edward Furlong and more. So not only is the picture quality worth the upgrade, fans have a bunch of new features to check out on the 4K release.

Terminator 2: Judgement Day is the type of masterpiece to people who whenever the latest and greatest version is released, people buy it. It’s also the type of movie that deserves to be seen in the latest and greatest version. It was groundbreaking and game changing and whenever you can watch it in the best way possible, you do. As of right now that way is 4K. Probably in 5 years there will be an even better way, but for now, this is the most pristine you can get.


  • *NEW* “T2: Reprogramming the Terminator” 55 Minute Documentary Including Exclusive Interview with Arnold Schwarzenegger, James Cameron, Edward Furlong and More
  • 2 Feature Commentaries including 23 members of the cast and crew, including director James Cameron and co-author William Wisher
  • “The Making of T2” 30 Minute Featurette
  • Seamless Branching to View 3 Different Versions of the Movie
  • 2 Deleted Scenes with Audio Commentary
  • Trailers


Arnold Schwarzenegger       The Terminator franchise, Total Recall, The Expendables franchise

Linda Hamilton                     Dante’s Peak, The Terminator, TV’s “Beauty and the Beast”

Edward Furlong                    American History X, Detroit Rock City, Pecker                

Robert Patrick                         TV’s “Scorpion” and “The X-Files,” Walk the Line

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