SYNOPSIS: Every 53 hours in the United States, a police officer is killed in the line of duty. However these losses go mostly unnoticed, overshadowed by sensational, politically charged headlines of the day. FALLEN takes a deeply personal look at the stories behind these statistics. More than five years in the making, the film follows the stories of eight fallen officers from across the country. Told through the eyes of those closest to them, as well as the communities they served, these stories offer a sobering glimpse into a routinely overlooked and misunderstood reality.

What We Thought:

Fallen is an eye-opening documentary about police officers being killed in the line of duty. It is narrated by Michael Chiklis and is directed,¬†written and produced by former police officer Thomas Marchese who wanted to shed light on a subject too many people pass over. And to help get through his own survivor’s remorse.

The film focuses on different events in different parts of the US. From Georgia to Texas to California and Washington, the documentary shows us how families and communities are effected by fallen officers. I had completely forgotten about an incident at a cafe that left four officers dead and 4 families heart-broken.

There is an officer who was killed on his way home from a shift. He was a motorcycle cop who saw a car pulled over and stopped to help. He was murdered for being a good person. An area between Georgia and South Carolina saw multiple officers killed in a short time period.

The documentary takes to the streets and asks every day people what they think of police officers and asked how many die a year. The public just doesn’t understand the numbers. I also don’t know how the filmmakers didn’t destroy the old white guy in the tie dye shirt. He called officers murdering bullies and it would take a lot of restraint not to knock his teeth down this throat.

The big surprise is the filmmaker¬†Thomas Marchese. He was an officer himself and while making the film, was involved in an incident as well. I won’t ruin it, but I definitely didn’t see it coming.

Fallen is a straight forward documentary that should open a lot of eyes. A good friend of mine is a State Trooper in Massachusetts so I have all the respect in the world for police officers. It’s a tough watch when they show officers and family members crying because they lost loved ones. It should be shown in schools especially in today’s anti-police climate.

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