Sorry for having to take Wednesday and Thursday to actually play the game, but this is not a game that one can simply rush through, no matter how hard you try. I did manage to play through the full campaign and I’m gonna lay out the hits, the misses and the cool things. Before we go on to the juicy details, there are going to be some ‘Light’ spoilers (haha, puns!)

Destiny 2 kicks things off with a bang (several actually). As the Red Legion, a highly trained and elite group of the Cabal, attack the Last City and The Tower where guardians reside, in an attempt to steal the Light from the guardians and claim vengeance on the Cabal Empire. The first mission takes the player to The Tower, where they attempt to fight off the invading forces off in classic Destiny fashion. Except before you can deal with the big bad of the story, Dominus Ghaul, your connect to the Light is broken, leaving you powerless and defeated.

The rest of the story goes the way you may expect. It’s up to you to reclaim your Light, help build a resistance and take back the City, The Tower and save the Machine God known as the Traveler. It’s a safe story, but it’s told in such a way that it feels epic. Bungie had promised players a more cinematic campaign experience after Destiny 1 was ridiculed for its terrible storytelling. Bungie did deliver on a cinematic story, literally, there’s like 58 minutes worth of Cinematics in the game. Each Cinematic was well worth the watch, be it action packed, witty dialogue, interesting backstory on our new foes or even meeting new characters.

The one thing I will knock Destiny 2 on is the pacing. The game felt perfectly paced up until you had to go find Cayde-6. Once you visit the new world of Nessus to find Cayde, the story missions felt out of place. It’s okay to be separated, but related, but the reason it was related was rather underwhelming. The only redeeming factor is that Cayde-6 keeps you chuckling the whole time, as does his new AI friend, named Failsafe. The pacing also feels strange after you help Cayde and move on to the plant of IO. The reason you venture here is to find the warlock vanguard named Ikora. The reason this planet felt rushed is because there was no mission to find Ikora. The first cutscene is just her and your ghost talking and talking about how Sacred IO is. Two missions later and you’re back to Earth to take the fight back to the Red Legion.

This is where the story begins to feel really epic and grandiose. Massive battles, actual detailed plans and steps to achieve the goal of stopping Dominus Ghaul. Everything felt really smooth, put together and it all works really, really well. The final mission really gave that feel of the final push to take the city back and take down Ghaul, I want to say that it was a flawless execution in the later levels.

Story wise, Destiny 2 is miles away from its predecessor. You can tell Bungie spent a huge amount of time on it and in the world, all the patrols and adventures feel like they can be related to the main story, even after you complete it. It’s amazing how much attention was put into it and it’s a real step up for Bungie.

Next up I’ll be going over Strikes and End game, maybe some PvP. But I felt like the story deserved its own article since it really was worth the play through, on one of each guardian. Oh, before I go, the soundtrack to this game is F#%&ING AMAZING and you should buy the soundtrack. It’s a serious work of art.

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