Hackers have become the bank robbers in the new world of crypto-currency. In order to catch the most wanted hacker, “The Ghost”, an Interpol special agent assembles a team of thieves to plan the ultimate heist. But, as any good criminal knows, there is no honor among thieves.

What We Thought:

Bitcoin Heist is like an Asian Ocean’s 11. There is a gang of thieves (and an undercover cop), double crosses and millions at stake. There is also magic, tricks, and deception.

What separates the movie from being just another heist film is the technology involved. The transactions and theft involves digital money. As things like Bitcoin and other digital formats become more popular, we’ll see more movies similar to this.

What also helps is the twist in the film. They think they have The Ghost figured out and it takes a good turn there. At almost two hours long, once they do a recovery theft I was sitting there surprised at how much time was left. Then they throw in a twist and it made much more sense as why there was still time left.

A movie like this is one I’d recommend to someone who says they don’t like/understand Asian cinema. I know their big, epic stories don’t always translate well, but something like this will. It’s a good heist film. Every character makes sense. The plot makes sense. The twist is understandable and helps move the film forward. The average non-Asian viewer might not recognize any names or faces, but the story is pretty universal.

The Blu-ray looks really good too. It has a crisp, clean picture and strong audio. I didn’t see any bonus features though which I wish they had. A good crime film should have at least a Making Of or Inside Look.

Films like Bitcoin Heist will be the norm over the next few years. Some people might not understand what they stole or how they are worth money especially if you aren’t familiar with Bitcoin. If you are familiar, the film is a solid crime drama.

Recommended If You Like: 

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