Model making has always been one of our favorite pastimes. Detail, form, and painting come together in a beautiful piece of art which always brings satisfaction. We are very proud to launch Monzo VR for the Oculus Rift and Gear VR platforms. – MADFINGER Games


Building models brings great joy to millions. Now you can bring your knowledge to the forefront of technology where any idea is possible. We offer millions of options when building and customizing various models. Learn the in depth detail on engines, cars, and even designs from Leonardo Da Vinci.


“Our friends at Oculus and Gear VR have given us an amazing environment to play in. People will be amazed at the ease and comfort created by the virtual environment. Combined with the power and flexibility of the Unity Engine we have a fantastic canvas to display our player’s dreams.”- Vojtech Jatel, MADLead Programmer

Come join us and step into the virtual world where music and relaxation combine with the beauty of form and detail. Monzo VR offers four calming areas for you to build your models in. Places like the Japanese room or even an outdoor view of the mountains. You can find everything you need on Monzo VR here.

Download our program and begin working on your projects right away. Piece together cars, tanks, and find out how these amazing vehicles work. Even better, once completed out VR experience will take you inside the model’s with our “Action” system to check out how your designs work.

Our ZEN interface is we will help you build models with the most detailed parts and tutorials. Once finished you will have access to our paint system and be able to customize your creation even further.

This unique VR experience will cover a vast array of design. There will also be well known cars and motorcycles to try out. Some of these design take you back into history (Da Vinci’s paddle boat, and many more to be come) or push you forward into the boundaries of creation in the future.

Launch video: youtu.be/xETvzpv_3xY


For more information check the website: bit.ly/MonzoVR

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