is a UK-Based site that offers great custom-printed minifigures for use with all of your Lego and Lego-Compatible sets. In their store they offer a great range of options, from ET, to Bruce Lee, to Charlie Chaplin, to Freddie Mercury, to Mr. Bean, and many more. From political figures, celebrities, and well-known chefs, to assorted characters from TV, movies, and video games. All of the minifigs are high quality, and custom-printed in detail, and come with matching accessories.


If you want a run of custom minifigures for an event, for promotional purposes, or even as an army-builder for your personal collection, they also offer the ability to design and order your own. They have a minimum order of 50 figures. BUT it is still a cool service to have offered.

elvisAs with all Minifigures.com minifigs, The King comes in a custom, resealable blister pack. Which I still think is a cool feature. You can take the figure out for a while, to play with or display, but then put it back in to protect it, or to display it differently.
elvis-2The back of the Minifigures.com blister packs have a little bio and info about the minfig. This one I find especially funny as they talk about his hit songs ‘Suspicious Studs’, ‘Can’t Help Falling In Lego’, and ‘Blue Suede Bricks’. I thought the Lego-based play on the song titles of some of Elvis’ top hits were amusing.

elvis3 elvis-4
The head for this minifig is printed on both sides, so you have The King at rest, just before he rocks the stage, or you have a face for him singing one of his many great hits (complete with little sweat drops). I think the resting face would have been better if they had found a way to replicate The King’s lip curl, but really, I am going to use the singing face more anyway. I am pretty sure the hairpiece they used on this one is a standard Lego piece, but it works perfect for the figure.

elvis-7 elvis-5elvis-6

The King’s sequin jumpsuit is printed 360 around the whole figure, to give it a complete, uniform look. It really makes the jumpsuit pop, and look more like the real thing. I kind of wish the sequins in the back formed an eagle, like one of his more well-known jumpsuits.  I also really like the microphone accessory he comes with. It is a simple piece, but the fact it is two-tone, unlike most Lego (and even Lego-compatible) accessories, is really just a cool little touch.

I really like Minifigures.com’s The King minifigure. It is a great piece for any collection, and as a fan of Elvis and Lego, I am really glad to have it in mine! I would highly recommend this piece. I am hoping they eventually make Jailhouse Rock, or G.I. Blues editions of The King minifigure.

If you’ll excuse me, The King is starting his performance.

elvis-8Check out Minifigures.com, and also follow them on Facebook and Twitter!

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