Brick Warriors is a company that offers great accessories for your Lego, and Lego-compatible, minifigures. They have all kinds of options for customizing your minifigs, from ancient weapons and armors, to fantasy/medieval, to steampunk, to modern/war, and even futuristic/sci-fi options. There are also even custom-printed minifig parts, as well as limited run minifigures. They also offer t-shirts, novels and even a board game (which I hope to review in the future).

brick-warriorsThey have a lot to offer, and are always adding to their inventory. I recently had gotten an order from Brick Warriors to review, and to show you a sample of what they have.

warriorsI had ordered a bunch of individual accessories, as well as two of their Mystery Packs (more about those later). Everything arrives in a box, in baggies, as pictured above. Obviously, the black baggies were my mystery bags.

warriors8I started by opening the baggies containing the parts I had individually picked. I got a nice selection, although I will admit, I ended up leaning more towards the fantasy/medieval options. But that was because I had some builds in mind, as I will show you in this article.

warriors23Before I really got to looking through, and playing with, the pieces I had picked, I really wanted to get to the Mystery Bags. Brick Warriors offers these for only $4 apiece! Each of their Mystery Packs contain 9 or 10 items that were overstocked, unreleased, discontinued, or slightly mismolded. Such a great value! That is why I grabbed two.

warriors29I got doubles of a couple of items, which was a little bit of a bummer, especially as some of the items are ones that I wouldn’t have as much use for. BUT that is the risk you run with randomly made bags. It is still a great deal, and as you can see, I got some neat items. I like that there were so many weapons, and the training dummy is really cool.

Now onto looking at individual items!

warriors9 First, I had been eyeballing the Ogre armor they offer for some time. I think these are really awesome. Such a great idea!

warriors14This armor can be used to make a two-headed Ogre. How cool is that? It is really so simple, but so useful. Having a two-headed minifig running around Legoville is great!  The left head has a green mohawk, and the ogre is wielding a spiked club, both also from Brick Warriors, and they really help complete the look!

warriors18They also have other cool items that let you turn your minfigs into different creatures, to really breathe some new life into your minifig collection. Like this Lizardman head. The accessories on this Lizardman, the lantern shield and a Hunga Munga ( I was so amazed they made one of these!) were also items that came in my order.

warriors10Another cool unique head mold I really liked was this Minotaur head. I have also been eyeballing this one for a little while. For some reason, it was listed on the site in the “Under $1” category, despite being $1.50, just weird, and I thought it needed pointing out. I am guessing at one point maybe it had a different price. One thing I don’t like about this head, is that you have to order the horns separately. I guess that is because there are technically other options you could use.

warriors38For example you could use the antlers (which I got in my mystery bags), and make some type of Were-Moose, or something..

warriors39Or even use these green, leafy things that are meant for helmet plumes, and make something, that I am not even sure what to call it.  Speaking of things coming in two pieces, the armor on his arm was actually 2 parts I had to order separately. The arm guard part came in a pack of two (a left arm guard and right arm guard), and the Galerus (shoulder armor) was separate.

warriors11Having the extra arm guard did come in handy for making this gladiator though. I ordered the other style of Galerus for this one. Of course because I was making a gladiator I HAD to get the net. I almost got him the trident, but when I saw the scissor (the bladed weapon on his left hand), I couldn’t resist. That was another of those weapons that were such a surprise they even make!

warriors15The last of unique head molds I got, is this Android head. I also grabbed that neat saw hand, the peg for it fits perfectly into the hole where the hand goes. They definitely have some really neat options for making some different and interesting minifigs, beyond just giving figures new equipment.

warriors20Don’t get me wrong. Even their options for giving your minifigs new equipment are still pretty awesome. Like this Sabertooth Armor, which i paired with a shield I thought went well (the “Lizardman Shield”), and a spear.

warriors21There are cool armors like this (this particular one is called “Lizardman armor”), that has spots on the back to connect things, like the Barbed Tail and Bird Wings connected to this armor.

warriors35The other neat thing is some of the pieces have a glow-in-the-dark option!

warriors28warriors27Then there is this cool flamethrower. It is actually 4 parts, that had to be ordered individually, consisting of a fuel pack, the harness, the tube and of course the flamethrower. It bugs me that the flamethrower isn’t a little longer, so the handles are a little more spaced, so the figure can grab both handles.The hole in the end of the flamethrower is the perfect size to be able to insert one of those Lego flame pieces, as pictured.

warriors12They also have some cool options for making a Jester! The hat actually came in pieces, I had to order the red part and the blue parts individually. I actually had made the minifig base for this using extra parts, then had ordered the hat and collar parts to match the figure I wanted to make. The Staff is cool too, and while there were other color options, I thought the gold looked best. For Jester characters they also have juggling pins (with a hidden knife inside) and a Jack In The Box, I didn’t get either of those in this order, but wanted to mention them.

warriors19Also, CHECK OUT THE SIZE OF THIS SPEAR!!!! Best part, it was only 56 cents!

warriors37Brick Warriors even has neat items like this. This actually came in one of the mystery bags. It is a little “cloth bundle”  that has a post for connecting a Lego head to it, to make a baby!

warriors41So you can have a sleeping bundle of joy,

warriors42Or make baby Harry,

warriors40Or even have the coolest baby ever!!!

warriors36For less than $40 I got all the stuff I talked about, and more. They offer free shipping on all orders over $35, and usually have some kind of coupon code one can use to get a discount. Their items are well made, and as you can see, they have some nice diversity. My only real complaint is that some items need to be bought in pieces. I can understand that might be handy for customizing where you might not need a whole flamethrower assembly for example. But I don’t understand why the jester hat and the hat plumes are sold individually, I don’t see a use for the hat without the plumes. They could have them for purchase as one unit, with the ability to choose both colors in the same listing. For items that are sold in this manner (like the Minotaur head and horns, jester hat, flamethrower, etc), it would have some kind of bundle option (or drop down menus on the item pages so you can add-on the other pieces),where you can buy it complete, maybe even for a little discount. But really this is a very minor issue. Brick Warriors offers fun, unique and quality items, for a decent price. I highly recommend their products.
Go check out their selection at their website.

You can also keep up with them on their social media pages, to see the newest products and discount offers!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BrickWarriors
Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/BrickWarriors
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/BrickWarriors
Tumblr: http://brickwarriors.tumblr.com/
Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/brickwarriors/

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