TomCat Releasing announces the street date for the found footage psycho shocker Watch Me Die coming to DVD in December.

Coming to DVD on December 13, 2016, Watch Me Die follows a nameless serial killer as he prowls the sets of sleazy exploitation movies in search of his latest female victim. Each gruesome act of torture and murder that follows is captured up-close, on the killer’s video camera — the blood-soaked footage of a psychopath’s snuff film. As the killer finds himself tormented by increasingly complex feelings towards the sexy women he murders, the lines begin to blur between killer and victim, viewer and viewed, reality and illusion. What is real and what is fake? Nothing is certain until the blood starts to flow.

Watch Me Die stands as writer/director Thomas Banuelos’ response to an endless stream of watered-down studio films. “We are living in the age of PG-13. Movies for adults are a dying breed. Massive studios simply WILL NOT gamble with their millions to give you the edgy, original, and boundary-pushing content that you desire. I aim to fill that void,” declares Banuelos. Produced by former Hellogoodbye band member Marcus Cole. Starring Jon-Paul Vertuccio, Laura Colquhoun, Tracy Ashbourne, and Arielle Brachfeld (The Haunting of Whaley House, Chemical Peel).

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