Deep in debt to a local thug (Jason Momoa), Miles (Drew Roy) persuades his girlfriend Lauren (Haley Webb) and brother Liam (Shane Coffey) to help fake a disappearance in the Alaskan wilderness. While the town works together to find Miles, the local sheriff (Cary Elwes) begins to suspect foul play. As he closes in on the truth, Liam struggles to conceal the hoax, and in the process exposes a secret that rocks him and Lauren to the core. Now the two are struggling to stay one step ahead of a sadistic thug and the tenacious cops before Miles is gone for good.


What We Thought:

Sugar Mountain isn’t a bad drama for a film I hadn’t heard of before. The cast and setting work well in the film.

It might not wow too many people, but I could see it being the type of movie that a lot of people end up watching on Netflix (if it ends up there). You know people will tune in because of Jason Momoa even though he doesn’t have much screen time.

I like the concept of the film. Two brothers and a girlfriend decide to stage a missing hiker hoax hoping that the resulting story of that missing hiker will end their cash problems. As the one brother mentions, the guy who cut off his own leg trapped in a mountain made millions and eventually ended up as the movie 127 Hours.

Of course the hoax doesn’t go as planned and there’s multiple twists and turns. Some of the twists work better than others and some just aren’t necessary. They really want to outsmart their audience, but I think they¬†outsmarted themselves with some of it.

The two biggest names in it (to me at least) are Cary Elwes and Momoa. Momoa plays the thug the one brother owes money to and Elwes is the local cop out trying to prove it’s a hoax. He’s also the girlfriend’s father. They are good as are the actors I wasn’t familiar with. They held my attention and seemed believable.

The setting helped a lot as well. The small, mountain town feel where everyone knows each other’s business adds to the suspense. Everyone wants to immediately help which makes keeping the hoax a secret much more difficult.

Sugar Mountain isn’t the best movie in the world, but it’s pretty solid. I overall enjoyed it and if it gets good distribution I can see a lot of people sitting down to watch it. I can see myself watching it again sometime as well.

Directed by: Richard Gray
Starring: Drew Roy, Haley Webb, Shane Coffey, Anna Hutchison, Cary Elwes, and Jason Momoa
Running Time: 106 minutes

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