Punk power trio Osaka Popstar dives into the holiday season with the release of “Christmas in the Loony Bin” via Misfits Records. The track is released in a special package deal with an interactive greeting card and digital download and lyric video and is available everywhere.


Comprised of John Cafiero (vocals and longtime Misfits and Ramones collaborator), Dean Rispler (The Dictators, Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black) and Jon Wurster (Bob Mould, Superchunck, The Mountain Goats), the power trio shares a sublime rendering of the track, originally released by Daniel Johnston on 1988’s Merry Christmas cassette in 1988. Cafiero is distributing 500 autographed copies to lucky fans as a thank you and preview of what’s to come for the band’s and Misfits Records followers in 2017.

Born in 2002, Misfits Records is an independent record label founded by Jerry Only of The Misfits and Cafiero of Osaka Popstar. The boutique label is also home to, Balzac, JuiceheaD and unique collaborations, special projects and more.

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