Following a frenzied vie for rights at this year’s AFM, High Octane Pictures announced today that it has sold the North American rights for the sci-fi feature THE VEIL to Vertical Entertainment, who will release the film theatrically in Q2 2017.

theveilStarring Latin sensation William Levy (RESIDENT EVIL: THE FINAL CHAPTER), the cast also includes William Moseley (CHRONICLES OF NARNIA), Serinda Swan (GRACELAND), Nick Tarabay (SPARTACUS), Adam Gregory (90210), and newcomer Christopher Levy (Levy’s son). The film was written by Jeff Goldberg and directed by Brent Ryan Green.

Set in a war-town land where tribal factions live in a perpetual state of fear, the film tells the story of a warrior spearheading a destructive war campaign. When he is betrayed by his own and left for dead, a mysterious princess of an unknown tribe finds and heals him, and sets out to persuade him to wage one final battle.

“We are excited to be in business with High Octane Pictures, Toy Gun Films, and the rest of the team behind this unique sci-fi vision,” says Vertical Entertainment Co-President Rich Goldberg.

“We are so happy to be working with Vertical Entertainment on THE VEIL. It’s a fantastic film that people are going to love and we know the film will be in good hands” says High Octane Pictures President Galen Christy

Green makes his directorial debut with THE VEIL on the heels of his latest project producing Martin Scorsese’s “Silence,” which has garnered early awards chatter and festival circuit praise.

For more information on THE VEIL, please visit www.theveilfilm.com, www.facebook.com/TheVeilFilm, and www.twitter.com/theveilfilm.

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