The Minifig Box is a monthly subscription service that sends out Lego Minifigures. It is run by Lego fans who turned their hobby into a business. They also run a Lego parts store on Bricklink, called We Love What You Build, where they sell individual Lego pieces (they also have a store on Brickowl, by the same name). They process millions of Lego bricks each year and deliver them to thousands of satisfied customers from all five continents.


When you sign up for The Minifig Box, they hand pick six minifigs each month, carefully package them and ship them to your doorstep. The minifigures come from different Lego sets, including Star Wars, Marvel and DC Comic Superheroes, Disney Princess and all the classic Lego themes. At least three of the minfigures will be from the theme you pick, out of several options, when you sign up.


I recently received a Minifig Box to review. As an avid Lego fan and collector, who happens to really enjoy the minifigs,  I was pretty excited.


The box itself on the outside is somewhat plain (it ships inside a nice padded envelope). Then you open it, and are instantly hit with bright, typical Lego colors.

barbarian-card droid-card lady-card lobot-car master-cardsnowtrooper-card

Inside the box, right on top are six cards. Each card tells you about one of the Minifigures you received. They include info like which set it first appeared in, what year that was, how many sets it appeared in, what series it is from, and gives little details about the Minifigure

boxopenfigI will admit, I had pulled the cards out without looking at them at first because I wanted to see the figures inside my box! They had gotten a little jumbled and covered in the yellow “grass” used as packing material, but I was still so excited to see them! Look at those little guys up there in the picture!


I took them out and (after playing with them) got some pictures. Sometime around now is actually when I had looked at the file cards and was surprised by the extra, awesome touch. I had received Lobot, a Commando Droid Captain, and a Snowtrooper, all from Star Wars sets (obviously), as well as Sensei Wu from Ninjago, a Female Camper from one of the City sets, and last, but not least, I got a Barbarian (who I will totally be using as Conan) from the Collectible Minifigures blind bag Series 11.


Inside the box, there are also six Lego bricks. They were attached to the box to hold the figures in place inside. They peel off the inside of the box easy enough, without any residue, so BONUS!

star-wars-card othercard

The Minifig Box is a cool subscription service that is great for Minifigure collectors and Lego enthusiasts. My only real complaint is that they didn’t come with accessories, but most collectors (like myself) have extras kicking around, so it isn’t a really big loss. I really enjoyed my Minifig Box and definitely recommend you give it a try or send one as a gift to a Lego fan you know.

Subscribe to their service on their website, also follow them on Facebook, and Twitter.


BY CROM! You better try The Minifig Box!

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