Mr. Church tells the story of a unique friendship that develops when a little girl and her dying mother retain the services of a talented cook – Henry Joseph Church. What begins as a six-month arrangement instead spans fifteen years, and creates a family bond that lasts forever.


What We Thought: 

Mr. Church is a solid drama with a surprisingly good performance from Eddie Murphy. It’s been a long time since he’s done something this reserved and well done.

I’m not familiar with the story this is based on so I can’t comment on how accurate the movie is, but it seems realistic enough. There’s nothing in it that I questioned not being authentic. Maybe there was some fighting when the daughter found out the mother didn’t tell her she was sick and they cut it from the film, but I don’t know.

Britt Robertson gives a good performance as usual. I’m surprised she’s not bigger than what she is. I’ve liked her for years. She handles college life and motherhood smoothly in this. I’m curious to see if they actually shot her college scenes in Boston because it certainly looks like my hometown.

I’m not quite sure what I’m supposed to take away from the movie. You watch it. It’s good. It’s heartwarming, but then what? I don’t think I ever have to see it again, but that’s not necessarily a negative. To me it’s a movie that once you see and witness the story, you’re good to go. Maybe I’m too cynical!

The Blu-ray looks good though. The coloring is great especially the darker, brown tones of wardrobe and 1970’s life. Audio is top-notch with easy to hear dialogue and jazz that Mr. Church plays. Bonus features include multiple featurettes.

If you like well acted dramas then Mr. Church is for you. Robertson and Murphy are both pretty stellar and the supporting cast is quite good as well. It’s Murphy’s best performance in years. I don’t know if it’s something I need to watch again, but it’s worth seeing at least once.


Bonus Features:

  • Britt Robertson Interview
  • “Eddie Murphy: Doing a Drama” Featurette
  • “Food on Film” Featurette
  • “Based on a True Friendship” Featurette

Cast & Crew: 

  • Eddie Murphy
  • Britt Robertson

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  • Based on True Stories
  • Feel Good Movies

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