Before I begin this article, for you real nerds out there, PAX EAST TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE NOW! At the time of this writing Saturday tickets are sold out but there are still Friday and Sunday passes available! Head over to http://east.paxsite.com/registration to get your passes now! Now that we got that out of the way, let’s focus on those spooky games! The most terrifying of the most terrifying! While you’ve been drudging through the work week, your fears have been in the back of your mind, festering, bubbling and waiting for its opportunity to make you lose sleep. It’s time to trade in your bluetooth for a pair of headphones to make sure you get the full experience while you play these games.


Nothing is more terrifying than a game that relies on complete immersion to build suspense. Slender, The Eight Pages has a very simple goal. Your goal is to collect 8 pages hidden in the area, while you’re being hunted by Slenderman. For those of you who don’t know, Slenderman is a creepypasta that became mainstream about 4 or 5 years ago. He has no face, he just wears what appears to be a black suit and abducts people from the woods. The story of Slenderman is slightly more in-depth than that, but those are the basics. If you want to learn more about Slenderman, check out this page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slender_Man. This game will have you peeking around every corner as you play it, hoping to avoid the terrifying figure known as the Slenderman.


Have you ever wanted to play a game and watch a movie at the same time? It’s no secret that these cinematic story games are becoming more and more popular each year. It’s also no secret why this game is on this week’s list. Until Dawn, one of the most hyped up games from last year, is an intense game where even the slightest delay or movement can alter the game’s story. While the main plot is static, even with the choices you’ve made, it’s enjoyable to experience and it’s interesting how each character’s death can influence the story. But in the end, all the major points are hit regardless of who lives and who dies. I wish I could tell you about the story, but this is a no spoiler zone, so go out and experience this terrifying experience. Will all your characters survive? Or will they perish? Only you can decide.


I’ve written about the next two games in length already so I’m gonna do two demos in one paragraph here. Resident Evil 7 was the scariest demo that I touched this year, no jump scares, no loud noises, just creaking, atmosphere and pure terror. It’s just you, a creepy house, and a presence that you can’t put your finger on and only one goal: Get out of the house. Already played Resident Evil 7? Then the Outlast 2 Demo will be right up your alley. Outlast 2 is more of a psychological horror, while it does have its jump scares, it relies on those “What the fuck?” moments that only a good psychological horror game can deliver. Outlast 2 is a lot more gruesome, as I recall, I was in a room full of corpses of burned children and it was a disturbing experience, but it set the tone really well. This is a game that really sets up a tone and puts you through hell every moment it can.


That’s all I got for you this week. Stay tuned for more spooky stories, terrifying tidbits and ghoulish giveaways. Fun fact for you guys, I’m writing this article while house sitting in a haunted house. Pretty cool stuff, right? I may just write an article about that as well, who knows! Have a safe and spooky weekend ladies and gents.

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