Happy Friday everyone! To make up for the lack of articles this week, this will be our most packed list of games you should play this weekend. We’ll have it all! First person shooters, puzzle games, mobile games and maybe, just maybe we’ll have a list that doesn’t include World of Warcraft: Legion (probably not though). Today is the last day of September, which means we all finally have an excuse to play horror games starting tomorrow. Plan to see a bunch of the scariest games to date on this week’s list. So trade in those office clothes for your favorite pair of sweats and let’s play some games!


Forza Horizon 3 launched this week, the latest addition to the popular racing franchise promises to be the best yet, offering more realistic tracks, more vehicles and more customization options. I must admit that this game is one of the most gorgeous games I have ever seen. While I’m not a huge fan of racing games, I would love to play this game with an Oculus Rift or a PSVR. This game is a definite must play if you’re a fan of the series as it only improves on the previous iterations.

xcom2XCOM 2 has launched on consoles, a lot of people are excited for this game to finally come to their Xbox Ones and PS4s. XCOM 2 won Game of the year on the PC and for good reason, most online rating systems give it a 9/10 and a Metacritic score of 91. XCOM 2 is a strategy game based around aliens, it’s a hard one for me to describe so here’s the game’s description

Earth has changed. Twenty years have passed since world leaders offered an unconditional surrender to alien forces. XCOM, the planet’s last line of defense, was left decimated and scattered. Now, in XCOM 2, the aliens rule Earth, building shining cities that promise a brilliant future for humanity on the surface, while concealing a sinister agenda and eliminating all who dissent from their new order. Only those who live at the edges of the world have a margin of freedom. Here, a force gathers once again to stand up for humanity. Always on the run, and facing impossible odds, the remnant XCOM forces must find a way to ignite a global resistance, and eliminate the alien threat once and for all”

This game has an amazing story that you won’t regret experiencing for even a moment!

amnesiaAmnesia: The Dark Descent, an oldie, but a goody. This game still instills terror in those who dare load it onto their PC. You are tasked with escaping an unknown yet familiar place, discovering who you are and why you’re there along the way. This game is all about sanity, the longer you’re in the dark or the longer you see a monster, the faster you go insane (not in real life, although let’s be real, we’re already insane.) In Amnesia: The Dark Descent, there is no weapon system, you must run and hide in order to survive. If you’re a horror enthusiast. This is the one for you.

destinyDestiny: Rise of Iron is bringing back Trials of Osiris today! If you’re a hardcore PvP player in Destiny, then you may have dared to enter these trials. Destiny’s weekend exclusive game mode is back this week and it promises to offer the best, and coolest looking, armor yet. Grab two of your best fireteam members and take part in this 3v3 elimination game mode. You don’t have to be the best to win awesome prizes. If you simply complete the bounties for Trials of Osiris, then you can get some of the best armor in the game. Don’t let the elite 1% scare you, at its core, Trials of Osiris is about fun! I was actually featured on a podcast to talk about my thoughts on Rise of Iron, check it out here: https://gametimebro.com/2016/09/26/48-rise-of-iron/

alienisolationAlien: Isolation is one of the scariest games to have come out in the past decade. It relies on atmosphere instead of jump scares (although there are a few of those) to set the tone and build the terror. It has become a trend in recent years to rely on jump scares to build a horror game, Alien: Isolation builds suspense, builds tension, then lets the atmosphere do the rest. This is a game I refuse to play with the lights off, it’s that terrifying. This game is a must play, better yet, a must buy, if you’re looking for your horror fix.


Resident Evil: 7 Demo was the scariest game I played this year, and it’s just the demo. While I’ve been focusing on games like Ingress, WoW: Legion and Destiny, this game was a breath of terrifying fresh air. I’ve written about it in length in a review, but here are the main points. It sets the atmosphere in a way very few games have. During the demo you know that someone is in the house, but you never seem to see them, which only adds to the suspense. Never before have I had to psych myself up to open a door in a game before. This demo has many secrets and corners to explore and you should enjoy each, horrifically beautiful moment.


Ingress is the perfect reason to go out and enjoy the fall weather and it’s no stranger to this list to boot. Ingress is a tactical, geocaching capture the flag-esque game where you capture portals for your team. Niantic Labs (yes, the Pokemon GO people) created this game over three years ago and has a really hardcore fan base, just last month I found myself at this massive Ingress event with thousands of players flooding the streets of Portland, ME. This game is a blast to play with a group of friends and will get you moving in the process.


Bioshock: The Collection looks amazing. I’m specifically going to talk about the original Bioshock as it gave me chills last night. If you thought the original version of this game was terrifying, wait until you play the remaster. In 9 years the graphics have improved dramatically, and it only adds to the terror. I’ve been squeezing in playtime for Bioshock in between Destiny raids and WoW dungeons, and I love every second I get out of it. The atmosphere is amplified just like graphics. All the details and music just build to a fantastic experience.

outlastOutlast is a game that should inspire terror into everyone’s soul. Another horror game to throw on to your list for the weekend. I made the mistake of playing this game last year in a dark room. I will never make that mistake again. This game is great in its setting and atmosphere. I felt uneasy the entire time with this game and have yet to finish it because I’m terrified. During October however, I will put my big boy pants on and stream a run through attempt. Stream you say? Yes! I stream! It’s sporadic, but I’ll be doing set streams during the weekend. 7pm-9pm on Saturday and Sundays. twitch.tv/theclassiestnova. Make sure to enjoy the girlish screams I’m sure to make!


World of Warcraft: Legion, go play it, you know why.

Still reading? Good on you! We’ve got a lot of great things going on here at The Nerds Templar! Movies, collectibles, minifigures, video games, we got it all folks! We’re here to make sure you are informed about your favorite things! I’m also personally partnering up with a charity called Extra Life and will be streaming for 24 hours on November 5th, more on that later tho. If you’d listen to the podcast I was on, I’d really appreciate it, it was my first podcast appearance so you can feel free to laugh at how garbage I am! Thanks for reading, stay classy everyone!

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