Car dealer Frank Mallon (Adam Fergus, Being Erica) is watching his life fall apart around him. His wife has left him, his cars aren’t selling, and his teenage daughter, Corrina (Kelly Thornton, Sing Street), is out of control. When bank manager Desmond Rane (Aidan McArdle, Mr. Selfridge) tells Frank he’s about to lose everything, Frank devises a plan to fix his money problems while also getting revenge on the people who are making his life miserable.

But when the plan goes awry and one of his conspirators (Damien Molony, Suspects) disappears, Frank’s troubles multiply as old jealousies come to light and lives are put at risk. This riveting drama from award-winning writer Billy Roche (The Eclipse) explores just how far desperation will drive the residents of one small Irish town.


What We Thought: 

Clean Break is a pretty solid crime thriller. Once the layers start to unravel, you see how connected everything is and it separates itself from being just another generic crime show.

It starts out with Frank, a car salesman, planning a crime. His wife has left him. He can’t move any cars. His daughter has a slew of men in her life. The bank calls in his loan and he turns to crime to fix his life. One of his employees who was going to help him disappears. He’s also his daughter’s lover. His daughter is played by Kelly Thornton who I loved in the absolutely fantastic Sing Street.

It’s all connected and layered and pretty smart. There are others in his crew. The show is a mix of love, greed, crime, the man keeping the little man down and much more.

Plus it’s an Irish show and Ireland plays a great role in it. The small town feel is quintessential Ireland. The landscapes are beautiful. The accents are awesome. It has an authentic feel with wardrobe, settings and the style.

It’s a very character driven show. Each character is pretty fleshed out and serves a purpose especially as the series moves on. At first you might not know why someone is there and then eventually they pan out. The acting is pretty solid as well. I’m not familiar with too many of the actors besides Damien Molony because I also watch Suspects and Kelly Thornton.

What I like about Clean Break is it’s very un-Hollywood. There’s no clean-cut, happy ending. Not all of it ends up wrapped up perfectly. I love that. You get the viewer engaged and then leave him wanting more. I did want some more episodes, but I’m ok with how it all ended.


Cast & Crew:

  • Aidan McArdle
  • Damien Molony
  • Adam Fergus
  • Kelly Thornton
  • Simone Kirby

Recommended If You Like:

  • Suspects
  • Line of Duty
  • European Crime Dramas

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