It’s that wonderful time of the week again folks, time to trade in the suit for some sweats and play some games. Let me start off by saying Happy Labor Day weekend everyone! With an extra day to play some games, we have 72 full hours we have to fill, 24 of which is gonna be passed out in a drunken coma (that’s my game plan anyway), but while I’m not on the verge of alcohol poisoning, I’ll be writing reviews for you guys! I know this week has been a little light on articles and I do apologize for that. But next week there will be a literal boatload of reviews (ok, maybe not literally a boatload, more like a bushel). Without further ado, here’s what you should be playing this weekend.

MaxresdefaultRemember that small game that came out last November called Fallout 4? Well it just launched its newest DLC, Nuka World. You must be level 30 to pick up the radio frequency in order to travel to Nuka World and visit its 5 deadly attractions. Each attraction feels like it could have been made into its own smaller DLC, which is always a good sign. If you’ve played Fallout 4 before and are taking a break, Nuka world may be just the thing to bring you back. The ambiance is exactly what you would expect from a shut down, decrepit amusement park. If you were thinking of taking the kids to the amusement park this weekend, Nuka World may be just the one.

Battlefield1Battlefield 1 has a open beta going on through the weekend. The iconic first person shooter franchise’s newest addition isn’t slated for launch until October 21st, but you can get a small taste this weekend. While it has its fair share of problems regarding failed matchmaking, it will provide you not with frustration, but with the joy that comes from telling a 12 year old that you had intercourse with his mother last night. The gameplay feels fluid and thought out, the combat is as intense as ever and the players as mouthy as ever! If you’re even slightly hesitant about purchasing Battlefield 1, download the free open beta and give it a whirl. The graphics are gorgeous, the sound is realistic and I think that this will give Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare a run for its money. (Send hate mail to press@hillaryclinton.com)

OverwatchWhat’s that Shooter that Blizzard Entertainment launched back in May, I think it’s called The Watchmen? No, that’s not right. It has Harambe in it, except he’s all smart and stuff. I know it’s watch something. Oh yeah, Overwatch! If you haven’t played Overwatch yet, then I assume the rock you live under is extremely comfortable. Overwatch’s new competitive season starts today, allowing players to test their skills in a ranked Matchmaking format. Alongside the new competitive season, Overwatch received a new map. Players can now storm the castle map known as Eichenwalde. I’m sure we’re all happy that there is finally a new map in the rotation. I’ve been taking a Break from Overwatch doing some stargazing, then Researching my heritage. Alas, Sombra is not in either of those. But you may find her in this paragraph. Oooooo mysterious. If you haven”t picked up Overwatch yet, it’s a great way to kill many hours and players as you work strategically with your team.

WoWLegionRemember how I said I was really busy and that’s why I haven’t been popping out reviews like Dr. House pops Vicodin? Here’s the main culprit: World of Warcraft: Legion dropped on Tuesday and has made my work life and my personal suffer even more! I know I promised I was going to write a first impressions piece but there is so much I want to write about that it would be unfair to cram it in a first impression. You’ll be getting the review on Monday, scouts honor. Legion is World of Warcraft’s newest and dare I say best (That’s right, I dared to say it) expansion. This expansion is all about choice and freedom. No longer are you restricted by Zone levels! Blizzard took their time to craft the story and want you to see it this time. I’ve personally completed every Zone but Suamar, which unlocks at the new level cap, 110. I’ve been playing relatively non stop minus work and school work and I’m only level 108. This expansion is the first expansion that made me interested in the story and didn’t force me to leave a zone to get more XP from higher level areas. If you’re looking for a epic story and a fun time killing demons with your pals, this may be the pick for you!

If you and your pals are more of an active type of gamer, you probably like a game that requires you to move. Last week I recommended Ingress and this week I plan to do the same. After having experienced an Ingress anomaly, I have a newfound respect for this mobile GPS based game. From the same makers of Pokemon Go, Ingress is essentially a capture the flag meets king of the hill mobile game. Local landmarks and other notable places are portals, there are two teams, The Enlightened (Green) and the Resistance (Blue). The two teams constantly battle over control of these portals and it requires a lot of coordination to successfully claim a town as yours.


Well guys, that’s all I got for you today, if you feel like I missed a game or if you have a suggestion, leave it in the comments below. I will be posting more regularly come next week, so don’t fret. I hope you all have a safe gaming holiday weekend, I know I joked about drinking nonstop but please don’t, your liver will thank you! Now go forth and conquer Templars, conquer in the name of our lord, Game.

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