Years have passed since the sexual onslaught of Stinkfist, The Sexsquatch, a horned up Big Foot like beast who killed and violated the nubile teens at Blood Stool Creek. But you can’t keep an interstellar sexual species like the Sexquatch down for long! Another of the species, FIST STINK, has landed on Earth to unleash his own special brand of love on the population. But Fist Stink has learned of another sexual dynamo who is horning in on the his Casanova-like business – Teen Ape, known around the universe as the one true lover and leaver of woman, is cutting into his game. When Teen Ape and his friends get together to throw an ultimate sex party, Fist Stink crashes the good times, challenging Teen Ape to a contest to see who is the most powerful sexual devastator of them all. It’s TEEN APE VS SEXSQUATCH in the ultimate battle of the sex-crazed monsters. Grab your umbrellas ladies because things are about to get MOIST!


What We Thought:

There’s two ways you can prepare for Sexsquatch 2: Teen Ape Vs. Sexsquatch. One, as a real, regular movie with legit acting, good writing, good direction and quality filmmaking. I don’t recommend that one.

But if you go in having a “This is going to be so-bad-it’s-good, I can’t believe what I’m watching” mindset, then you will have a blast with it. I definitely recommend doing this.

I watched the first film with asst. editor Rocky Maxwell a few years ago and we haven’t stopped talking about it. Once we knew they made a sequel we were completely stoked for it. And I have to say, it meets all expectations.

It’s as bad yet good as the first one plus the crew goes super meta with it. The filmmakers obviously read reviews of the first movie because they refer to themselves as more than just one dimensional characters. A critic clearly crushed the movie for having one dimensional, only thinking about sex and partying characters and the team made sure to make it a running joke in the sequel.

Plus a lot of fans screamed out asking where the nudity was in the original. There was a very big chested actress in it who never showed the goodies. Well this one has plenty of boobs even when not necessary. The filmmakers listened to the fans and gave them what they asked for.

Obviously the film isn’t exactly good, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have fun with it. You find yourself laughing at it and with it. The Teen Ape character is someone wearing a really awful ape mask and gloves. The Sexsquatch costume is something you can buy around Halloween time with a distorted mask. The house party takes place at one of the actors or filmmaker’s apartments and they don’t even hide product placement or movie posters on the wall.

But again, I had a blast with it. I know they aren’t good movies, but sometimes you just want to watch something stupid that will make you laugh. There’s bros being bros and a character who’s clearly gay. There’s women showing off their breasts. There’s a sex-off battle between two actors in terrible costumes. It’s everything I want in an intentionally bad movie. I’m ready for a third one! Because of all that, Sexsquatch 2: Teen Ape Vs. Sexsquatch is…


Cast & Crew:

  • The Team from the first film

Recommended If You Like:

  • Sexsquatch
  • Thankskilling
  • MST3K/Rifftrax Material!





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