In contemporary London, three detectives work together to solve a variety of brutal and chilling crimes. DI Martha Bellamy (Fay Ripley, Cold Feet) leads her team with a calm, fierce determination; DS Jack Weston (Damien Molony, Being Human) relies on his emotions and instinct; and spirited young DC Charlie Steele (Clare-Hope Ashitey, Children of Men) brings her sharp intellect to the group.

Filmed with a unique fly-on-the-wall documentary style and improvised dialogue, this gritty police procedural has been hailed as a “fresh, very different, and absolutely cracking drama” (Daily Mail, UK). From murders to drug crimes and missing person’s cases, Suspects exposes the rigors of police work and the complicated rapport among investigators.


What We Thought:

Suspects is yet another solid British crime drama. I had never heard of the series, yet found myself binging all 9 episodes of this Season 1 & 2 collection.

It reminded me a lot of other shows I watch or watched like Luther, C.S.I., The Bridge, The Killing, etc. Maybe someone might not like that it’s not that original, but that’s why it’s easy to get hooked in.

I usually don’t like documentary style production when it’s not a comedy, but this worked for me. You felt like you were in the interrogation room, on the streets, in the houses and much more.

That’s why it is a bit different than others. It has style. It feels like it’s there happening as you watch it. It feels like you’re part of the investigation. You’re there figuring out the clues to who took the child, is it dead, is the person missing and so on.

Like most British shows, you really don’t get enough episodes though. This 3 disc series is only 9 episodes and I wanted more out of two seasons. I’ll watch other episodes when they come my way, but I wanted more while watching this.

I don’t think I’m super familiar with the leads, but they were all good. The acting is solid overall. The production is quite good too. London becomes a character in itself with the different neighborhoods, people and feel of the city.

My only complaint about Suspects Season 1 & 2 is that I wanted more episodes. Other than that, it’s yet another watchable crime drama out of England. If you know of the show or like this type of programming, then it is definitely…


Bonus Features

  • None

Cast & Crew:

  • Fay Ripley
  • Damien Molony
  • Clare-Hope Ashitey

Recommended If You Like:

  • Eleventh Hour
  • Luther
  • British Crime Dramas

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