Successful, married, and very pregnant, Janie Caswell is about to have it all — career, family, success — when she is blindsided by a semi-truck and wakes up seven years in the future where “have it all” is not what she expected.

What We Thought:

I’m not exactly the target audience for An Unlikely Angel. I’m not a religious man. I’m not someone who watches Lifetime/Hallmark type movies for enjoyment. But my sister does so I always watch these movies from her point of view. Would my sister like this movie? Yes, 100% yes.

Jillian Murray plays a business type woman who’s getting ready to give birth to her first child. She’s nervous because she doesn’t think she’ll be a good mom. Her husband thinks otherwise. After giving birth she runs off for a work project and gets into a car accident that puts her in a coma for years.

When she finally wakes up in the hospital she learns she’s no longer in the big city and that her husband has been raising their daughter at her father’s house. The father is played by the awesome Sam J. Jones so that was neat. Of course she struggles at first having not been there for her daughter’s first steps, first anything. There’s also a neighbor woman who seems a bit too chummy with her husband.

But of course this is an uplifting movie so you know she’s going to turn things around and have a happy ending. Well that’s where I was pleasantly surprised. Sure the ending is happy, but it does have a slight twist to it. I respect the film for trying to be different so I’ll give it credit for the twist.

An Unlikely Angel isn’t something I’d need to watch again, but Murray (no relation to me) is good in the role. The actress playing the daughter is adorable and you root for the family to figure things out. As a big fan of Sam J. Jones it’s always nice seeing him working. If you want a heartwarming, family-friendly flick then this is for you. If you are the non-religious type you won’t get much out of it.

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