It’s Christmas Eve and Tori is spending it her preferred way, drinking with her friend Robbie at the local dive bar. Little do they know that the robot Santa from the local toy store has gone haywire, cutting a bloody path through their small town, and is coming straight for the two of them. As everyone around her fall’s victim to Santa’s axe, Tori must fight to make it through a night of pure terror.

What We Thought:

Christmas Bloody Christmas is entertaining with some good kills and people you root for to survive. It looks cool with good lighting and practical effects. For a movie I knew nothing about, I was highly surprised by it.

There are a slew of Christmas themed horror movies and just last year Violent Night was a hit. I can’t say this is as good as that, but if you liked that one, check this out. With Christmas Bloody Christmas you get a killer Santa robot that comes alive on Christmas Eve and starts slaying. The underrated Abe Benrubi plays the killer Claus and being the giant of a man that he is, he’s great in the role. He’s very robotic (pun intended) and you can see him very easily tossing people around. He comes across as a gentle giant in real life, but it was a smart casting choice to get him as the killer.

The rest of the cast I’m not that familiar with besides Graham Skipper who has a small role as the brother-in-law. The lead actress and the co-star have good chemistry and you want to see them make it out alive. Whether they do or not I won’t spoil.

Then there is the gore. There are some great kills in it. Killer Santa uses an axe to chop up his victims and it’s all very well done with mostly practical effects. It’s shot cool too. I liked the look of the film with its color scheme and setting. I liked Director Joe Begos’ previous film VFW which has a similar throwback look and vibe to it.

Christmas Bloody Christmas was a nice surprise. If you go in expecting a Hollywood blockbuster you will be disappointed, but if you grew up on 80s slashers you’ll like it. Lots of blood, a cool look and vibe with throwback styling makes it…


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