The legendary Peter Falk shines bright in this collection of four films. Featuring stars like Jack Lemmon, Ann-Margret, Alan Arkin, Elaine May, Beverly D’Angelo, and Charles Durning, these wild and wacky films are sure to have you rolling on the floor in laughter!

What We Thought:

This Peter Falk 4-Film Comedy Collection from Mill Creek Entertainment is jam packed with big named co-stars and of course the legendary Peter Falk. I’ll do a brief blurb about all four films featured in this Blu-ray collection.

The Cheap Detective is a noir-ish comedy which sees Falk’s partner killed and finds him dealing with Nazis, countless women, cops and the man who built the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s my favorite of the four with great comedy set in a noir-vibe. Falk makes a perfect gumshoe detective, but Madeline Kahn might steal the show.

Big Trouble sees Falk as an insurance broker caught up in a scheme with Beverly D’Angelo and Alan Arkin. D’Angelo convinces Falk to add a high priced life insurance plan on Arkin who she claims is dying, but they need to actually kill him. After trouble on a train and Arkin probably lying about everything, they get involved in a theft involving his employer.

Happy New Year finds Falk as a crook trying to rob a jewelry store with Charles Durning. Falk falls in love with a woman who works next to the jewelry store and the robbery doesn’t go according to plan.

Luv finds Falk running into an old classmate (Jack Lemmon) who he convinces to fall for his wife so he can get a divorce and marry the woman he’s having an affair with. Of course Lemmon is perfect as the straight-laced guy who wanted to kill himself. Lemmon and Falk had fantastic chemistry as the straight and wild card comedic duo.

If you like Peter Falk films this is a great collection. You’ll be amazed at all the names that pop up and how funny Falk was.

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