While investigating a terroristic threat that goes viral online, Korean authorities discover that a suspect has recently boarded an international flight bound for the United States. When a healthy passenger on the same flight suddenly dies a gruesome death of unknown cause, panic erupts both in-flight and on the ground. With steadily decreasing fuel and international refusals to offer aid, the captain and crew will be forced to take unprecedented emergency measures in an attempt to save the lives of their passengers.

What We Thought:

Emergency Declaration is pretty entertaining and timely. With the past few years we’ve all experienced, seeing a virus used as a bio-weapon to take down a plane and spread across the world makes sense.

The best thing about the movie is the morality of it. There are countries that won’t let the plane land because they want to protect their own people. Korea itself isn’t sure if the plane should come back to its home country. People protest for and against the plane with some wanting it blown out of the sky so the virus threat is gone and others thinking the people deserve to live. It makes you question what side of the coin you’d be on.

Going into it I thought the entire movie would take place on the plane. It actually doesn’t. There are lots of plane sequences with the passengers trying to decide what they should do as well. You have the early chaos with passengers wanting others to be in different parts of the plane so nobody else gets infected. There’s one scene that is extremely emotional as the passengers band together. Again, it’s that morality aspect that humanizes the film.

But the movie also takes place on land. You have virus experts trying to figure out if a vaccine will work or not. You have government authorities clashing with one another and big pharma. You have family members on the ground wanting updates on their loved ones in the plane. It all worked for me.

Emergency Declaration is a solid flick. I found it entertaining and the concept is easy to pull off in today’s world. I can see Hollywood remaking it for sure because of how timely it is and how easy it would be to play with an audience’s fears. I liked it quite a bit.


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