After his son witnesses a brutal murder by a notorious crime boss, a deaf Indonesian gangster is thrust into the fight of his life when he takes on his dangerous former allies—including a sociopathic assassin—in order to protect his child.

What We Thought:

I was kind of disappointed in Preman: Silent Fury. I had watched the trailer and the trailer makes it seem like a balls-to-the-walls action movie like a John Wick or The Raid: Redemption. It has action in it which is quite good, but it’s few and far between and left me wanting more.

The major issue I had with the film is the main character’s deafness ultimately serves no purpose to the plot. I wasn’t expecting a superhero ripoff like a blind Daredevil, but the lead being deaf doesn’t add anything to the film to me. I expected him being deaf to pay off more than what it does. There is one quick part where him being deaf helped him fight while others were hearing loud noises, but it’s so fast I wasn’t expecting it to be the only scene that uses it as a positive.

There’s also a substory using flashbacks to explain how he became deaf as a schoolboy. He had a friend and it explains the lead a bit, but like him being deaf, it isn’t necessary in the slightest. There’s no reason for these flashbacks and people dressed in animal costumes. Maybe it means more to the culture the film is made for, but it left me wondering what it was all about.

I will say the fight sequences are solid. They aren’t as over-the-top as I was hoping for, but I did enjoy them. His ball weapon is different and the assassin with the scissors is cool, but I wanted more, so much more from it.

I was hoping Preman: Silent Fury was going to be one of those foreign action flicks that kicks open the door to new actors and filmmakers and I tell everyone to run out and see it. I was hoping it would be a film I rewatch and cheer along to, but ultimately it left me disappointed and wanting what I thought the trailer was selling.

Country of Origin: Indonesia

Preman: Silent Fury has a runtime of approximately 91 minutes and is not rated.

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