Up first this week is Jurassic World Dominion, the final film of the Jurassic World trilogy. Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard return as do the stars of the original Jurassic Park trilogy Sam Neill, Laura Dern and Jeff Goldblum. The film has plenty of flaws, but it’s entertaining enough. When it’s in the real world it is at its best. You see how humans have to deal with dinosaurs and what life is like because these creatures were released into the real world in the previous film. There is a fantastic chase scene that rivals anything you’d see in a Jason Bourne flick. Unfortunately like previous films it ends up in one location and ends up similar to the previous movies. I wish it had stayed in the real world because we haven’t seen much of that in the franchise, but they closed out the story like they have with all the others. It’s nice seeing the OG characters again I just wish there was more to the film. The home video release is an extended edition with more to see so fans will enjoy that. It wasn’t the major blockbuster they expected so if you missed it at theaters now you can see it at home.

Second we have The Black Phone with a great performance from Ethan Hawke. Overall I liked the movie quite a bit, but it has its issues as well. Hawke plays a child kidnapper and is super creepy. There is nothing more sinister than the bad guy not knowing they are the bad guy. It’s based in the 1970s where kids were kids, there were creepy guys with vans and it has great music. It has a supernatural element to it (the black phone is explained), but I wish it was more of a straight forward film. It didn’t need the supernatural angle to me. It works fantastic as a child kidnapper story, but it’s based off work by Stephen King’s son so you know there will be supernatural/horror elements to it. Hawke is fantastic and holds your attention throughout as does the young actor who is taken. I liked it and I hope it finds even more of an audience on home video.

Third we have Baby Assassins. I was kind of disappointed in this one. It’s about two young girls who move in together and have to get part jobs. Their full time job is killing people. Sounds cool in theory, but the resulting film is slow and doesn’t have enough action. The final action sequence is great, but too much time is spent on developing these two characters when ultimately I didn’t care. It’s called Baby Assassins, I want young people kicking butt. There just isn’t enough action in the film for it to be something I want to watch again.

Last we have NCIS: The 19th Season. For years this had been my mother’s favorite show. She looked forward to it it weekly and watches reruns on cable. Unfortunately Season 19 loses its star, Mark Harmon. His character Gibbs leaves after the fourth episode and my mom was pissed. It adds Katrina Law and Gary Cole, but is it really NCIS without Gibbs? I’m curious to see where the show goes from here.

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