A woman’s carefully constructed life is upended when an unwelcome shadow from her past returns, forcing her to confront the monster she’s evaded for two decades.

What We Thought:

I could point blank spoil the ending to Resurrection and you’d be like, “This dude has been huffing paint”. You would not believe any words I say if I spoke the actual ending. I saw the movie and I still don’t believe it. I have so many questions. One, how did someone read the script for it and think they’d like to spend millions of dollars on it? How did top-notch actors Rebecca Hall and Tim Roth read that same script and think they’d like to be part of this project? How did this studio see the resulting film and think it deserves a summer release and not send it straight to streaming? I could go on, but you get my point.

If you watch the trailer the film looks like a psychological thriller with Rebecca Hall seeing a man (Tim Roth) from her past showing up out of nowhere and feeling scared. She wants to keep him away from her daughter and her new life. For about 85% of the movie it is just that. It has some weird kinks in it and Roth’s character is definitely out there, but for the bulk of the movie it’s just another somewhat unoriginal thriller. I sat there watching not overly hating it nor enjoying it. To use a term I loathe, it is what it is.

Then it takes a hard left. I mean HARD LEFT. If you’ve seen Malignant from 2021 then you know the type of hard left I’m talking about. I watched the movie last night and I’m still utterly baffled at what I saw. The two leads are award worthy actors and this is what they agreed to be a part of? Seriously? At one point the entire theater reacted with WHAT? at the same time. None of it makes sense. It’s impossible and completely laughable.

Resurrection will be a movie that those who watch it will be talking about it (not in a good way). Months from now if people remember it I expect the Razzie Awards to come calling. If you watch the movie you’ll sit there thinking I’m totally lying that the movie isn’t that crazy because again for 85% of it it’s kind of just generic. Once you get to a certain part you’ll understand. Well you’ll understand what I’m saying, you’ll never understand the movie.

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