First this week is Lovecut which people will compare to Euphoria. I’ve never seen that show so to me I’d compare it to 1995’s Kids written by Harmony Korine. It portrays teens in today’s world of sex and cell phones. These teens rebel, have sex, make videos and try to hook up using dating apps. One guy and girl videocall and he lies about being in a wheelchair. One girl is dating a guy older than her and they post some videos for money. Another girl meets a thief and wants to leave her parents. Kids took place in New York and without cell phones, but this has the same type of storytelling. It’s not bad, but I’m very far removed from being a teen and we didn’t do everything online like these kids. It’s well made and is pretty short which helps. They jump right in without giving too much background and doesn’t really try to develop the characters which is smart in this position. You either agree with their lifestyles or you are horrified at them, but that’s the point of the movie. You either relate or it seems so controversial. Not sure if any of the actors are famous overseas, but Kids had some of its cast go big time so I expect this to do the same.

The Good Fight: Season Five is out this week. It’s a show I watch to review and never when it airs. It’s very well made and well acted, but simply not a show I could watch week to week for enjoyment factor. This season jumps right in with the pandemic/Covid-19, Ruth Bader Ginsburg dying and the George Floyd protests. One character is in the hospital with Covid and it’s all about legal cases and politics. It’s not really my type of show and this season seemed even more political to me. I know people who like it and it’s popular on Paramount+, but like I previously stated it’s not something I watch for my own enjoyment, but rather to review. If you are a fan and don’t use Paramount+ now is the time to see the latest season. There are ten total episodes over 3 discs with some bonus features.

Last we have Jackie Gleason TV Treasures: 70th Anniversary Collection. I’m not old enough to have seen anything with Jackie Gleason when it first aired so I always enjoy collections like these. A lot of it is always new to me, but even if I have seen some of it before, I still always enjoy it. It’s the kind of entertainment we don’t get nowadays and it still makes me laugh. Some of it hasn’t been seen in years and I love how they include vintage commercials that aired with the original programming. You get The Honeymooners, The Jackie Gleason Show, commercials and rarities all in one collection along with the 2006 documentary Genius at Work hosted by Jeff Garlin. If you are a Gleason fan this is a must-own because it’s the first time a lot of it has been available on home video or was missing/unavailable for decades. Would make a great Father’s Day gift for sure.

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