Not a lot for us this week so I’ll start with the biggest name of the bunch, Dexter: New Blood. I was a huge fan of the original Dexter and sure the ending wasn’t great, but overall it’s one of my top 20 shows of all-time, if not higher. I was iffy on this revival because I’m not really into TV revivals because most of the time they feel cheap and filled with nostalgia or worse, a total cash grab. With the original show’s ending being a big negative to fans I understand bringing it back and adding a new location and characters. Michael C. Hall is still Dexter although he goes by a new name in a small town. He dates a cop and his life is pretty tame by his standards keeping his Dark Passenger at bay. Until someone fits the code and Dexter does what he does best, give people justice. His son hunts him down and his entire life is thrown into chaos as he realizes his son might have his own demons. I was into it, but then it rushes to an end that I won’t spoil. I know a lot of fans who didn’t love the revival because of this ending as well, but I do think we finally got some closure to storylines. It’s way too rushed and needed another 2-3 episodes to expand on his son, the walls closing in and more I won’t hint at. If you liked Dexter and haven’t seen Dexter: New Blood I do recommend it.

Next we have 6:45, the latest in day reliving storylines. Following in the footsteps of Groundhog Dog, Edge of Tomorrow and the Happy Death Day franchise, this follows a boyfriend and girlfriend on a getaway. They take a boat to an island where the boyfriend had vacationed as a child. They check in, but don’t see any other guests or even visitors. They head to do the tourist-y thing and then the girlfriend has her neck sliced and the boyfriend has his neck snapped. But then the boyfriend wakes up at, you guessed it, 6:45 A.M. and relives the day with the girlfriend unaware. He tries to make sure his girlfriend survives every day, but struggles. Eventually he wins or does he? The film takes a hard left which I totally don’t understand. I won’t spoil it, but you won’t see it coming. I understand wanting a twist to separate yourself from similar movies, but this ending does not work for me at all. The movie was ok until this ending completely ruined it for me.

Last we have The Madame Blanc Mysteries: Series 1. A man dies in a car accident while working in the south of France and his wife is told all their money is gone. When she realizes an expensive ring is missing from his belongings she soon starts to think it was murder and leaves England to go to France to find out what’s going on. There she finds out her husband had secrets and she dives head first into finding out the truth of his death and where the ring is. We’ve seen similar shows like it, but the backdrop is quaint and beautiful. It stars Sally Lindsay who also co-created the series. It’s six episodes so it’s a nice and easy two-day binge. It feels like a lot of whodunit type shows we see from across the pond, but Lindsay is one of TV’s best from the UK and holds your attention throughout.

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