Hell Hath No Fury is the story of one woman who single-handedly takes on the might of the German war machine, the French resistance, and a band of US infantrymen. Branded a traitor by her countrymen, French national Marie DuJardin is rescued by American soldiers on one condition: to survive, she must lead them to a cache of gold—before the Nazis return to claim it for themselves.

What We Thought:

I believe Hell Hath No Fury is based on a true story or at least loosely based on a real story or stories. The ending made it seem like the main character Marie was real and gold was stolen constantly during the war so it makes sense it could be a true story. Overall it’s not a bad film. It’s a quick and easy watch which makes it easy to sit through. Some World War II stories can be difficult to sit through.

Marie is seen as a traitor to the French resistance because she appears to be dating a Nazi commander. She’s playing an angle which others don’t know so when she’s captured she has a difficult time. She convinces a few Americans that she can lead them to a pile of gold and they go with her to a graveyard to find it. Things go sideways and sides need to be drawn to see who gets away with the gold.

It’s a simple movie, but that’s why it overall works. There are only a few main characters without much else bogging it down. Here’s the plot, here are who is involved and let’s see who winds up with the gold. Sometimes you want something simple especially in this era. You understand the Germans are the bad guys, but it also portrays the Allies as not so good. The Americans want the gold and are willing to go behind the backs of others to get it. War is war, people are greedy. Plain and simple.

The short runtime also makes it work. With little story it again doesn’t get bogged down with backstory, character development or agenda. The film never wanders too far from where it’s going. It has some backstory on Marie and that’s all you really need. Keep it simple. Keep it short. Hold someone’s attention.

Hell Hath No Fury might not wow too many people, but overall I liked it for what it is. There is no epic battle scene, but there is some action. There are no real heroes because you question what side Marie actually is on. You don’t even know if the gold is real or not until the finale. I recommend it.

Hell Hath No Fury has a runtime of approximately 109 minutes (94 mins feature-only) and is R for strong / bloody violence, language throughout, and some sexual content.

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