Only a few things for us this week. First is My Life Is Murder: Series 2 starring Lucy Lawless. Lawless plays a former cop turned investigator in this New Zealand based series. Like the first season, each episode has its own mystery and there is an overlapping storyline throughout. It opens with Madison moving in with her when she needs her help tracking some phone calls. A man was shot dead while out for his run and they have the shooter, but she swears it wasn’t her. Right out of the gate it opens with a hypnotic episode. Other episodes include the death of a surfing champion and his rival that was the lifeguard who didn’t save him, the death of a drag queen, the death of a museum curator, the death of a winemaker, a chef locked in a freezer, an actor is killed on stage when a prop knife turns out to be real, the death of a jeweler, and the death of a self-help guru. Lawless is great in the role and the backdrops are just beautiful. It’s nothing groundbreaking, but it’s an easy binge over a day or two.

Second we have The Monkey King: Reborn. This animated film sees The Monkey King, Sun Wukong, destroy a magical tree which releases the ancient King of Demons. Tang Monk is kidnapped by the King of Demons and The Monkey King and his 2 disciples must rescue Tang Monk and stop the King of Demons in three days before he regains all his power. I’ve seen the live-action films, but this is the first anime version I’ve seen. I think animation helps because of the over-the-top action sequences and fantasy elements. As much as I like Donnie Yen and others in the live-action movies, those films had a ton of CGI effects so an animated version is more suitable. If you like stories about Sun Wukong then you will like this especially if you are into Asian animated films.

Last we have The Ultimate Aang and Korra Blu-ray Collection. This is an absolute beast of a collection for anyone who loves Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra. Not only do you get all 7 season combined, but you get a jam-packed bonus disc and 8 collectible cards. So now you can re-binge both series whenever you want and spend a ton of time watching behind-the-scenes and other bonus features. It is a seriously impressive collection for fans and makes a perfect gift for this time of year. The packaging is really pretty and the collectible cards are fun as well. Even if you’ve rewatched both shows already, the bonus features are worth the collection alone. You hear from the creators, a new podcast and 80 minutes of other stuff. I was super impressed when this arrived and I looked at everything involved. Fans will absolutely love it.

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