This Review Roundup includes one new release and a few that came out over the past 2 months or so that I got late. Up first is Jack Irish Season 3. I’ve really enjoyed this Australian show starring Guy Pearce as the titular character. He’s a lawyer that finds himself in the middle of situations he shouldn’t be in. Season 3 was very personal though with the story explaining the death of his wife and a close friend losing his life and maybe being involved. The plot revolves around the children of a former client, corrupt cops who used to work the drug team, a missing million dollars and more. Jack has to piece together who’s involved, who has a secret, who has a bigger secret all while trying to pick up his kid at school. Pearce is great in the role and Marta Dusseldorp always makes great Aussie TV. I think it’s the last season and that’s a shame because I enjoy the show.

Second we have Ms. Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries Series 2. This Australian show takes place in the 1960s and might have the best wardrobe on TV. I love the style and look of the series which is a spin-off of the drama series Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries with Phryne Fisher’s niece Peregrine as the lead. She is played by Geraldine Hakewill who looks fantastic in the era’s mod costuming. A hairdresser turned private investigator Series 2 sees Peregrine dealing with her new relationship to police detective James Steed and those in The Adventuresses’ Club. Episodes include a murder of an architect during a swingers type party, the murder at a flight attendant school sees Peregrine undercover as a trainee, the murder of a farmhand the day of a wedding where James grew up, the murder at a Best in Show dog competition, a fight between greasers and Mods leads to a murder at a bowling alley, the murder of the president of a pigeon racing society, a body is found in a river when a fisherman hooks it and everyone might be involved, and the death of a lead singer at a New Year’s Eve party Peregrine throws. Every episode has its own mystery, but they also have interconnecting storyline likes James finding a new love from his past when Peregrine drops him and Samuel and Violetta’s relationship as well. It’s a cute if not a bit cheesy series, but Hakewill is perfect in the role.

Third we have 2 Halloween Collectible Pop-Ups from Murdoch Mysteries and Agatha Raisin. I believe there is a third in the collection, but I did not receive that one. Murdoch Mysteries Halloween Pop-Up Collectible contains 2 episodes with a horror theme while Agatha Raisin contains one. They are super fun collectibles and there were Christmas themed ones in the past. I like both shows with Murdoch being my favorite of the two. If you are a fan of either show they are must own because they really are a lot of fun.

The next two releases come from Mill Creek Entertainment. First is I Dream of Jeannie – The Complete Series Blu-ray. I’m not sure if the classic sitcom has been available on Blu-ray as a complete series before but with this release you get all 139 episodes in one package. Barbara Eden became a pop culture icon as Jeannie and the show was a big hit that ran in reruns for decades. It’s simply great TV that I watched as a kid in syndication. I forgot how many great guest stars the show had through the years and of course Larry Hagman was just as great. It’s out this week and if you are a fan you’ll definitely want to add it to your collection.

Last we have Ultraman Dyna – Complete Series + Specials. The 13th entry in the Ultraman world, it is a direct sequel to the previous Ultraman series, Ultraman Tiga and aired in 1997-98. It takes place 7 years after Tiga and sees humans terraforming Mars and other planets and creating a new Super GUTS when a new group of bad guys called Spheres arrive. Shin Asuka is ejected from his ship during a battle and is met by a giant light. He becomes Ultraman Dyna. It is over 50 episodes in 6 discs. If you have collected all the Ultraman releases so far, add this one too.

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