From the mind of celebrated horror author Stephen King, the man behind such classic terror tales as The Shining, Carrie, and It, comes one of his most chilling offerings yet. Linda Hamilton (The Terminator) and Peter Horton (Thirtysomething) star as a young couple who find themselves lost on the backroads of Nebraska, eventually winding up in the seemingly deserted town of Gatlin. But the town is far from empty. As the couple soon discover, it is inhabited by a twisted cult of murderous children, thirsty for another blood sacrifice… Available for the first time ever in Ultra High Definition, Arrow Video is proud to present a brand new 4K restoration of the film that launched one of the most enduring horror franchises of all time. Children of the Corn… they’re an adult nightmare!

What We Thought:

The horror genre has many subcategories in it. There’s creature features, paranormal, slasher and of course creepy children. One of the best examples of creepy children is 1984’s Children Of The Corn. Maybe by today’s standards the special effects are pretty laughable, but there’s no doubting the legacy the film has and its influence on horror.

If you aren’t familiar with the film it is set in the fictitious rural town of Gatlin, Nebraska where it tells the story of a malevolent entity referred to as “He Who Walks Behind the Rows” which entices the town’s children to ritually murder all the town’s adults, and a couple driving across the country, to ensure a successful corn harvest. You’ve seen it spoofed on South Park and other places over the decades.

The couple is played by Linda Hamilton and Peter Horton and they capture their lost and confused aspect perfectly. They arrive in town where everything seems abandoned and overrun by corn. They see some children so they think there must be others around. The children are lead by Isaac who is clearly a cult leader and his subordinate, Malachai who does all his dirty work for him. Isaac is the leader, but the children are afraid most of Malachai. The couple meet a young girl in an abandoned house who has abilities and draws pictures of what will come. Along with her brother they want nothing to do with Isaac and the others, they just want to be kids. The brother and sister try to help the couple, but the other kids hunt them down wanting to kill them.

As previously stated the special effects aren’t great compared to what we are used to by now, but the acting is still creepy. John Franklin as Isaac and Courtney Gains as Malachai are still fantastic. A child-like cult leader will always get under your skin and Gains has a wildness to him that still holds up. The film is a classic in the genre for a reason.

On top of the fact that the film is an iconic horror movie, this new 4K restoration looks and sounds great and comes with a slew of bonus materials. It comes with multiple commentaries and featurettes and has some fun look backs at the film. Children of the Corn is a must own for horror fans this new 4K is very much worth its price.

Bonus Materials

  • Brand new 4K restoration from the original camera negative by Arrow Films
  • 4K (2160p) UHD Blu-ray presentation in Dolby Vision (HDR10 compatible)
  • Original Mono and 5.1 Audio Options
  • Optional English subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing
  • Audio commentary with horror journalist Justin Beahm and Children of the Corn historian John Sullivan
  • Audio commentary with director Fritz Kiersch, producer Terrence Kirby and actors John Franklin and Courtney Gains
  • Harvesting Horror: The Making of Children of the Corn – retrospective piece featuring interviews with director Fritz Kiersch and actors John Franklin and Courtney Gains
  • It Was the Eighties! – an interview with actress Linda Hamilton
  • Return to Gatlin – featurette revisiting the film’s original Iowa shooting locations
  • Stephen King on a Shoestring – an interview with producer Donald Borchers
  • Welcome to Gatlin: The Sights and Sounds of Children of the Corn – an interview with production designer Craig Stearns and composer Jonathan Elias
  • Cut from the Cornfield – an interview with the actor who played “The Blue Man” in the fabled excised sequence
  • Theatrical trailer
  • Reversible sleeve featuring original and newly commissioned artwork by Gary Pullin

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