Hey everyone first we just want to say thank you to all of you for reading us the past 5 years. The site came about after previous sites we wrote for closed down shop and we decided to start our own. I hope you’ve enjoyed our reviews, giveaways and opinions. Unfortunately this post won’t be anything fun like those, but rather serious. One of our co-founders, Rocky Maxwell, was recently diagnosed with rectal cancer at age 37. If you want to go ahead and close out this article now and quit reading, we understand. Heck, we don’t blame you. With everything going on in the world, nobody wants to hear more depressing news.

If you’re still with us, thanks again. My name is Ken Murray and I am the editor of the site. I first met Rocky on a TV pilot in 2010. On top of watching movies and talking about them, we’re both actors and filmmakers as well. We instantly clicked and over the past 11 years developed the type of friendship that seems like we’ve known each other since birth. Our friendship even confuses his girlfriend who is a living saint right now taking him to and from his doctor appointments. All of us here are pretty private people, but if you’ve known someone as long as I have, you want to help them. And that’s what I’m doing here.

I recently started a GoFundMe for him and those who care and love him have shown their support. He has insurance, but if you’ve ever dealt with a medical situation like this, you know insurance doesn’t cover everything and everything else adds up. $20 co-pays, $10 prescriptions, gas. It takes a toll. We are reaching out to those who might want to help. Many, many people are struggling right now and have been for almost two years. I understand, but again when you’ve known someone for this long, you do whatever you can to help. It doesn’t hurt to ask. I don’t expect anything to come of it, but maybe people will surprise me. If you’re interested, here is the GoFundMe link: www.gofundme.com/f/help-rocky-fight-rectal-cancer.

Cancer is a serious thing. I’ve lost many family members and friends to it. It’s devastating. But myself and Rocky use humor as a defense mechanism. If he can joke about it as he sits in a hospital bed currently so can the rest of us. We’ve given out hundreds of prizes on the site. We’ve given out even more movie tickets. Signed books, movie swag, you name it, we’ve given it away. If you’ve won a prize, seen a movie through us or anything like that, we’d love for you to consider donating. No we aren’t blackmailing you, but maybe you have a dollar to spare. That’s all we are asking, if you have a buck and want to give back, that would be amazing. Do it The Price is Right style, yell out one dollar!

One dollar doesn’t sound like much, but if a handful of people give $1, that’s a month of Hulu for the days he can’t get out of bed. You’re helping to entertain someone during chemo. That’s what this article is about, helping someone who deserves the help. www.gofundme.com/f/help-rocky-fight-rectal-cancer

I’m sure we might lose subscribers because of this post, but I honestly don’t care. If you’re offended someone might want to help out their best friend, well we have different morals I guess. I don’t expect anyone to give, I’m just hoping someone can. Maybe you want to earn some karma points in a world that’s not so great right now. Maybe you’ve lost a loved one to this terrible disease as well. Whatever the reason, we thank you in advance. Even if you can’t help financially, and again we understand that part, if you can share the link or even just comment some encouraging words, it’s nice to know people care.

This isn’t something we’d ever thought we’d be doing, but then again whoever thinks this situation will hit them so young? I promise we will get back to fun stuff, I just wanted to put this out to the world. If nothing comes of it so be it, it might just be a bit of catharsis for us personally. Thank you to all of you who’ve been with us from the beginning or found us recently. We genuinely hope none of you have to go through this, but if you do, know there are people out there going through the same thing and care about you as well.

Thank you for your time if you’ve made it this far. Once again the GoFundMe link is www.gofundme.com/f/help-rocky-fight-rectal-cancer.


Ken Murray


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