Donny Cates and Nic Klein’s critically acclaimed run on THOR continues next month with the start of a brand-new arc! “Prey” will feature the startling return of Thor’s classic alter ego, Donald Blake, in what promises to be Donny Cates’ darkest story yet.

It’s been years since the God of Thunder required his human ward. So where has the good doctor been all this time? The answer will shock Thor and fans alike as Donald Blake is no longer the man he once was. Enter the twisted prison of Donald Blake in the chilling trailer, featuring never-before-seen artwork from THOR #9!


“‘Prey’ is maybe the most fun I’ve ever had writing at Marvel. Thor fans are going to lose their minds over this one and I can’t wait to unleash this terrifying beast on them!” Cates said. “Nic Klein is back and at the top of his game on this one. I promise you this, True Believers, just like the mighty thunder king himself…..you won’t see this one coming. Behold…the return of Donald Blake!”

Journey into a dark mystery left unsolved since 1962 when THOR #9 arrives on November 4th!

THOR #9 (SEP200658)

Written by DONNY CATES




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