A few things this week for us, first is Those Who Deserve to Die. This is a hard film to review because I’m not sure what I should give away and the part that keeps it from being really good is pretty creepy. Not in the good horror creepy way, but the eww she’s 12 years old creepy way. It starts off with gruesome killings by a caped figure then a veteran moves into a room for rent. There’s a young girl watching the murders and seems to be in charge in a way. The veteran meets a woman who runs a support group and they start going out. There are some more murders and it pieces together how everything is connected. The concept, revenge on those who deserve to die, is great, but the 12 year old girl made everything awkward to watch. I understand the point of her character, it’s explained perfectly fine, but there’s one scene I’ve been talking about since watching the movie that is way too creepy even for me. This is her first film and she’s famous for pictures her mother takes. I’m assuming the mother is her manager and eww for letting her in that one scene. I liked the style of the film. I liked the pacing and direction. I liked the concept of the film a lot. But how the young actress is used at times is awkward to watch.

On a much lighter and fun note, Gamera: The Complete Collection is out this week. Godzilla may be the King of the Monsters, but I’ve always had a soft spot for this cosmic turtle creature. This is all 12 stories in one deluxe Blu-ray boxset. I totally dug this. I grew up on Kaiju films and always enjoyed Gamera. It’s a lot of fun to watch the movies and how they reuse parts for different films and re-dub parts and what not. What’s great about this collection is that is has all the classic films I grew up watching plus the newer ones. I watched the reruns of the 1960s and 70s films as a kid, then a few newer ones came out in the 1990s and then sort of another reboot in 2006 which I had never seen until this release. The early films are definitely more kid friendly and the franchise developed more of an adult following in time with the 1990s films highly praised. All 8 discs are packed with bonus features making this a must own for fans. Really, really impressive set.

Third we have Enter the Forbidden City, an Asian period drama. I’m not familiar with the origin/story of Peking Opera so I’m not sure how historically accurate it is or if these characters are based on real people (or to what degree), but you watch something like this for the production value. Costuming is outstanding with gorgeous fabric and make up. Sets weren’t built for it, it was shot on location which is great for an Asian period piece with backdrops and buildings you expect. The music and overall production value is very solid really putting you into the time period. The leads are good as well. It’s a mix of music, history, drama and more so if you are into Asian period pieces you’ll really like this one. It’s not about war or battles so there isn’t much action, but the production will certainly hold your attention.

Next is Open 24 Hours. This indie horror flick was shot overseas, but replicates the original short film which was shot in Mississippi (I watched the Making of Featurette to learn that). It’s about a young woman who was recently released from prison. She gets a job at a gas station working the late shift after her parole officer helped her with it. She went to prison for trying to kill her boyfriend, but he was a serial killer who made her watch his killings. She suffers from paranoia and delusions and you aren’t quite sure if what she is seeing is real or her imagination. It’s pretty much a single location film from the moment she takes her first shift. There is one absolutely fantastic kill which I always enjoy. It’s not for everyone, but overall I liked it. It held my attention and the lead actress is good. There is a twist then a slightly bigger twist which keeps you guessing. For a movie I had never heard of starring a cast I’m not overly familiar with, it’s watchable and indie horror fans should like it.

Last we have Blue Bloods: The Tenth Season. Probably my mother’s favorite show, her and my dad watch it every week when it airs. I watch it when the DVDs come my way to review. I don’t mind the show, it’s better than most of the CBS shows especially the NCIS franchises, but it’s just something I only watch to review. Season 10 starts with the use of a medium who they used before, a retired mobster is brought in to help a case. Other episodes involve the death of a rapper’s bodyguard, a woman is killed at a men’s only club, an EMT is killed, the death of a famed photographer, Lyle Lovett plays a Texas Ranger in an episode, two young models OD, family drama comes from a DNA match. If you like the show, pick up Season 10.

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