Dr. Kendrick (David Tennant) is a trusted, admired and much-liked member of the community, doting father of three, and seemingly loving husband to Kate (Anna Madeley); their lives seem nothing short from perfect. But in one night the illusions of happiness and contentment are shattered as the community rushes to Kate and Tom’s home on fire. Amid the confusion, Kate and her children are found dead, and Tom, found unconscious in his bed, is rushed to the hospital. As more suspicious details of that night emerge, Jess (Cush Jumbo) – who was Kate’s best friend and closest confidante – becomes desperate to understand what could have caused such a tragedy, and what secrets lie at the root of this terrible act.

What We Thought:

Deadwater Fell reminds me of shows like Blood, Broadchurch and similar UK and Irish programming. It’s 4 episodes long (so it’s easy to binge) and leads you in one direction and adds a bit of a twist so it’s not 100% what you expect it to be by the end.

With it being only 4 episodes I banged out the show in one night. (Let’s be honest there isn’t much to do right now besides binge things.) Fans of David Tennant will eat it up. He plays The Doctor, sorry, a doctor whose wife and kids are killed in a house fire. He was also in the fire and at first they believe the wife killed the kids, tried to kill him and set the house on fire killing herself. It uses flashbacks and other characters to give insight to their characters and events that would have caused her to do it. But as the episodes move on, they believe he might have been involved. I obviously won’t give it away.

I do prefer Tennant in these types of roles. I know he’s beloved in the Doctor Who world, but he’s not my favorite Doctor. I think he’s better in these dramatic situations with less comedy elements. He’s good here as is the rest of the cast. It’s a small town situation where everyone knows each other’s business and all their lives are connected. News spreads quickly and friends aren’t always looking out for one another. Friends turn on him when they think he did it. His kids had friends who were kids of others. It’s all entwined leading to suggestions and doubts of who was really involved.

Deadwater Fell ends in a way I firmly expect a follow up. It will be the result of the buildup of this season. I’ll watch it when it comes my way because overall I enjoyed this. If you like Tennant, his other shows and quick binge shows like Blood, give it a try.

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